Home Renovations Continue

And we are still going over here with all the chaotic renovations. It’s been non-stop for the last couple weeks and exhaustion seems to be a common theme in this house. Grandma has been so helpful by coming over on certain days to entertain Hallie but since she can’t be here all the time, the days are full on. Whether it’s just a regular day or one packed with activities and errands, we seem to be on the go everyday. At any moment that is not spent chasing after my crawling little angel (Yes, she is crawling now and what a perfect time to do it!), I am helping hubby with painting, flooring and general renovation tasks around the house. I don’t think we have eaten dinner before 9pm in the last week or gone to bed before midnight in the last two. However, we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Flooring is done, Painting of just about the entire house is 90% done. All that is left really is one more small set of stairs, a few handrails needing paint, lightbulb replacements, light fixture replacements, cleaning and staging like a madwoman …. and I THINK that is it. I am sure ten other things to-do will pop up here on my list in the next two days but fingers crossed, we have done almost everything. Just as well too because our house is officially on the market with an open house this weekend! If it goes as quickly as others in this area, we will no longer be homeowners next week. Scary but very exciting – moving on to a big adventure. Moving to Kamloops BC! After many lengthy discussions, hubby and I are eager to leave busy city life behind and settle down somewhere a bit quieter. Not too quiet of course, which is why we chose Kamloops. It is just big enough. We have received all sorts of reactions from friends and family members, most of which are very supportive of our decision. We just need to pack up Grandma as well now so that I don’t leave my babysitter behind – I mean Hallie’s favourite person besides her parents! So more on the exciting moving adventure later. Back to chaos known as my house reno. We have been coping as best we can. Sometimes that means a giant play area taking over my kitchen. It’s been super hot lately too so we try to spend a lot of time outdoors, far away from the dusty mess. This baby blow-up pool has come in very handy! Once next week rolls around, we should be able to relax a bit more and get back to having fun. Less cleaning, more parks, walks and visits with friends. Because those are the important things in life when your just a kid right? I hope you are all having a great week and looking forward to the weekend. TGIF tomorrow!!!!
The new playroom which is actually my kitchen – but these two look fine with the adjustment.
All in good spirits despite the mess round here!
‘Just relaxin mummy’
A shocking WTF moment for me!
A little highlight of our Mother’s Day celebration last week that I forgot to post. ‘Reno brain’ is just as bad as ‘baby brain’ I promise you!

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