The Day My Baby Stopped Sleeping

Okay maybe she has not stopped all together, but my child has definately decided sleep is for SUCKERS! The cool kids just aren’t doing it anymore. It all began last week. A normal (or as close to it as we get round here!) Tuesday night. Nothing out of the ordinary, with our regular bedtime and bath routine. Then at about 11pm, I heard to cry. Not the usual cry. Not a tearful or painful or discomforted cry. It was more like a playful wail that translated to ‘Hey you guys!’ (insert Goonies image here). She wasn’t hungry or wet, just wanted to have a little visit. Which was fine, I love my baby cuddles. But when this continued every two hours, I quickly transitioned into the walking zombie that I still am today. It’s funny too, the more sleep I lose, the more I find myself searching for answers and reasoning. Why is she doing this? I must have googled every possible reason before a little light switches on and I remember the only true reason that justifies this sort of behavioiur – babies will just sometimes be babies. Babies are shitty sleepers. The moms who say that their babies are a dream in that department, well you are either lying or the big guy upstairs is looking down and cutting you one heck of a break- and the rest of us are super jealous! At the end of the day though, babies will just be babies. They wake up lots, they cry, they fart like mini machine guns and make epic, disgusting poops that will often make it’s way on to your arm and dry up there for the day. They dribble and spit up milk all over your ponytail that you strategically tied to the side of your head so that they wouldn’t rip any of your hair out (hair that is already precious since you have lost chunks of it due to postpardum hormones). They also giggle and smile and look up at you like you are the best thing in the world. To them, you ARE the best thing in the world. You give them snuggles and milk and take care of them when they are scared of the growing world around them. Did you know babies do not have knee caps?! Their tiny bodies are growing knee caps! I wouldn’t be able to sleep well either if I was GROWING KNEE CAPS! So my whole thoughts on the sleep thing? Or lack there of… Go ahead my darling little girl. Let’s have that crib party at 3am. Like everything with little babies, this too shall pass. When it does, we will battle your teething gums. But for now, lets have a cry, have a snuggle, and excuse all the sleepy mistakes that mommy will make today, like putting a tea bag into her orange juice.

imageOh and I HAD to share this chuckle here with you from the Huffington Post by Sarah Bregel – I am sure all you mommas will appreciate and probably relate to a few!


Happy Birthday!

Another year rolls on by. This time, I am astonished by what has actually happened in the last year! Between turning thirty and turning thirty-one, I’ve had two birthdays, one house-move, one baby and maybe a few new mother meltdowns. Quite a few accomplishments! The biggest one obviously being my darling baby girl. She actually managed to take over two birthdays without even trying, that darling little gem. This time last year, I had just discovered I was pregnant and was celebrating my 30th Great Gatsby inspired birthday party with dealcholized red wine- yuck! I passed the test even though I was bored to tears. No one discovered my budding belly secret until a couple months later. This year, having felt slighted on my 30th, I decided I would try again to party it out. I would be meeting friends downtown at a pub to have cocktails like we once did, pre-baby. Three hours later we had sat in crazy Friday afternoon rush hour traffic, dropped off baby to Grandma’s for a sleepover, and made our way through terential rain to said pub. Is it just me or does it take a lot of effort to have a good time once you are a parent. However, I do admit, it was a very fun time! We were the last group to shut er down at 3am and a select few survivors even took a school bus home in lieu of a taxi (looooong story but a heck of a good time). I must also admit I felt very much my age the next morning. Nothing like a romantic Valentines Day breakfast shadowed by the dark cloud of a hang over. It was a welcome slap in the face that I could not party like I used to. Sure those times were really fun (the ones I can remember). But to start the mom-job at 10am with such a hang over was a task that no one deserves. All in all, a fun night out with a very happy ending – a lazy Saturday hanging with my very obliging baby girl – she napped for like 4 hours! When baby naps, mommy naps…. One thing I did realize after a very energetic evening out, those nights are better when they only happen once in awhile. It makes you appreciate your past, as well as your present. Change can be an adjustment but sometimes, for the best. (Read: I feel old and I am happy about that LOL!) Sunday was enjoyed with much more energy! We had a lovely family lunch with my mum, celebrating both of our birthdays, and ended the afternoon with a family seawall stroll. Hallie slightly reminded me of the elderly at the old folks home when they bundle up to go outside for air… such a darling she is. So cheers to another birthday, another year, and to a good year ahead. I know it’s going to be one for the books!

Hubby and I out celebrating like we did 'pre-baby'

Hubby and I out celebrating like we did ‘pre-baby’


Her Highness, rockin a new headband I made


Best Buddies, hanging out with mommy’s hangover


MY mommy and I, celebrating our birthdays


Seawalling with the old lady


Easy Like Sunday Morning

I had to share this little gem! I think I probably discovered parts of it on Pinterest but in the end, my kitchen creativity took over and I just used whatever scrumptious breakfast ingredients we had on hand. It was so EASY and felt like I was having brunch at a nice restaurant. Hubby loved it so much he awarded me with a nice bottle of wine later on that day. Gold star over here!

I used the following items – for the meat, there are probably all sorts of substitutions you could try.

Canadian Bacon Slices (round)

Farmers Eggs

Muffin Tray



Syrup – don’t hold back here!


Lin e your muffin tray with the chosen sliced meat. For me this was the Canadian Bacon and I used two to three slices for each. Crack your egg into each muffin cup. You can also top with a little salt and pepper which I did. Bake at 375 degrees for about 20 minutes or unti lyour egg reaches the desired ‘doneness’. Cook bacon seperately – I usually do mine in the oven but out of laziness, the pan was working just as well. I tried out President’s Choice Belgium Waffles from Superstore here and they were pretty awesome. Not comparible to homemade of course but a very worthy substitute. Topped with traditional IHOP Maple Syrup and all piled high on the plate. We were good to go! This tasty little plate is going into my mental cookbook and will be appearing again in the very near future. Enjoy breaky lovers!




Long Weekend & Family Day Fun

Today is feeling like a Monday because of the long weekend we just had. Very sluggish and lazy and sad to see Henry go back to work. It’s always so nice having him here all weekend – not to mention all of the assistance with nighttime feedings! So with it being a long weekend, we had three whole days and boy did we get a lot done. For those of you who are not from B.C. Canada, we have Family Day here. Great idea if you ask me! For the most part, we got quite a few things done around the house. Hubby did a massive clean out of the garage and finally got all of our clutter organized. He sheepishly admitted that he in fact has more junk down there than I do – I am completely astonished by this but will not argue. Saturday night we decided to have some neighbours over for drinks and appetizers. There was quite a few laughs and on my part, quite a few glasses of wine. Sunday Hallie and I took off to my mum’s – she has a pool in her townhouse complex so were were going to have Baby’s First Swim! It was adorable. Not only did she have the CUTEST bathing suit (I have mentioned it many times already in other posts – have been dying to get it on her!), she also had the cutest darn expression on her face the entire time. It was the biggest bath tub she had ever seen. We didn’t get any smiles or giggles. I think she may have been a little overwhelmed. We also didn’t get any tears though so will take it as a win. I can’t wait to take her swimming again next weekend. I feel like we will have to keep at it to make sure she enjoys it. Based on her bath tub interactions at home, that kid is totally a water baby. Summer will be fun! On the holiday Monday, in the true meaning of Family Day, we went to visit some family. Henry’s cousin just had a brand new baby boy, also named Henry. His other cousin was visiting town as well with her baby boy who is seven months. Unfortunately I only have one picture from the meeting which was Hallie and her cousin Will, no pics of the brand new babe. Lets just say that was one room with A LOT of cuteness happening. Babies everywhere! I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend as much as we did. I guess it’s a countdown to Easter now!


Starting the long weekend in style – nothing but a diaper and a headband on my little sumo babe!


Rocking our Baby Bjourn


Hallie’s First Swim in the Big Pool!


Just Tuckered …


Superbowl Fun!

Happy Superbowl Sunday! I look forward to this day every year. It’s full of fun, food and this year, family. Every year I say I am going to throw a big party and every year, it ends up being Henry and I overindulging in way too much food, just the two of us. This year is no different except for the fact that we have a tiny three month old baby girl, babbling away and drooling all over herself. I also neglected to buy any Seahawks gear for her to wear so in the spirit of true NFL, we are supporting our favourite team who did not make it this far into the season; STEELERS! Better than nothing right? Also in true spirit of football Sundays, we are full force in the kitchen starting off with a tasty recipe I found on Pinterest. Check out this recipe from the Lady Behind The Curtain Blog  (very cute blog by the way!). These Pancake Dippers are to die for! Mine did not turn out as goodlooking but they tasted amazing nonetheless. The rest of they day holds some yummy homemades for lunch and our very own fresh caught halibut with chips for dinner. I do not feel guilty at all about the calories that are soon to be consumed. It looks like a little lady is getting wild in her Jolly Jumper too with all of this football fun. Sometimes you just need to take the tutu off and wear it on your head! Have a wonderful Superbowl Sunday Friends – Go SEAHAWKS!!



Pankcake Dipper Prep : Favourite Bowl From Anthropologie



The Finished Product



Mommy & Baby Steelers Gear:



Wild Woman…..



A Taste For More – Baby Cereal

Well what a way to kick of the weekend…. letting my baby try oat cereal for the first time. We have mixed reviews over here. After our three month well visit with the doctor a few weeks ago, we were given the go ahead between now and four months to try some baby cereal. After doing some extensive research on the subject, I quickly discovered that this topic is as controversial as the whole breastmilk/formula saga. Man there are some opinionated people out there – and power to you for spreading the word in what you believe in. I think that I learned a thing or two when I was researching breastmilk versus formula. That everyone is entitled to their own opinion. In the end, each mother must follow her instinct and of course do what she can and what she thinks is best for her babe. So in the end I decided we would venture forward with oat cereal. It was interesting to say the least. First, I picked the wrong day to try something new. Miss Grumpy had a frown on her face for most of the day, despite my efforts of continuous sing alongs and spoiling of cuddles and kisses. We all have crappy days and today was hers. For some reason, this did not discourage me from preparing what is really mush and not a ‘solid’ at all, but that is what they call it. My doctor advised us to give her the cereal before bed. Well tomorrow night I will treat ‘before bed as 5pm since the poor thing was starving and obviously more concerned about getting her regular bedtime bottle than this spoonful of weirdness. Tomorrow night will read as follows: ‘Dinnertime cereal’ at 5pm, bedtime routine at 6:15pm and bedtime bottle, into the crib to sleep by 7pm. There is that ol’ maternal instinct kicking in, telling me that is the right thing to do in this situation. If all goes as planned (which it absolutely never does with a baby) tomorrow nights photograph will look a little happier than what you see below! Happy Friday friends!


Meal Planning

Monday Meal Planning is going down today! Two weeks ago, I did a trial run of meal planning and not only did it save me a ton of cash, I felt organized and all dinner plans were entirely stress free. You know the feeling. It’s 4:30, baby is grouchy, needs a bath, bottle and dry diaper. Husband walks in the door, tired from work. You never got that shower you wanted to have and still have ten things you want to accomplish before you pass out from exhaustion after the babe goes to bed. Oh and you need to make a healthy dinner for you and your husband so that he thinks you can be the stay at home mum you claim you were destined to be. THOSE kind of days! Well I didn’t have a single one of those days thanks to my meal plan. Okay there were still days where a shower and make-up never happened and the baby still had her grizzly hour of meltdowns on some afternoons. BUT dinners were a dream! That being said, I am super excited for round two, beginning tomorrow. Here are the details on my menu planning for fourteen days and I will be sure to get some recipes up from the successful ones. What’s going on in your kitchen this week?

imageTuesday – Homemade Pizza with a bbq/chipoltle base, variety of specialty salamis, sliced bell peppers, mozzarella and gruyere grated cheese.

Wednesday – Pulled Pork Carnitas (One look at Pinterest and you will crave them as well!)

Thursday – Perogies topped with bacon, green onions, sour cream and a dash of grated cheese, side of spicy edamame beans.

Friday – Sausage Jambalaya with Garlic Toasted Baguette

Saturday – Pork Quesadillas (left over pork from Wednesday) with Shoestring French Fries

Sunday – Pancake & Bacon Dippers for breaky and a full array of artery clogging appetizers for SUPERBOWL SUNDAY! GO HAWKS!

Monday –  Roast Chicken with Roast Potatoes, Brocoli and Cauliflower in cheese sauce

Tuesday – Chicken Fajitas (Left over chicken from Monday)

Wednesday – Roast Beef with Yorkshire Puddings and Veggies

Thursday – Beef Cheesesteak Melts (Left over beef from Wednesday) and Caesar Salad

Friday – Steak Roulad with Smashed Potatoes

Saturday – Chicken Casserole

Sunday – Bacon Cheddar Green Onion Filled Waffles with Deep Fried Chicken and Maple Mustard (Just look on Pinterest, you will DIE!!!)

Monday – Chicken and Rice Stir-Fry with Veggies (to balance out the unhealthy Sunday Dinner LOL!)

Okay my mouth is already watering!



Rainy Vancouver Weekend

Happy Saturday everyone! I feel like it has been pouring rain for ages! Seriously, the roads are just about flooding out there. Despite the yucky weather, we have had a great start to the weekend. Yesterday Hallie and I tried out our first play group. We went to a local one here in Port Coquitlam, held at an elementary school. The ladies there were so lovely and wonderful with her. She really enjoyed the sing along and we even got a few giggles out of her. It really is the sweetest sound ever. Outside of the fun sing-along, I feel that she may be a little young for that sort of thing. Maybe when she can sit up on her own she may be able to interact a bit better. We were not short of smiles though! Today I have actually been baby free all day and it feels quite strange and exciting at the same time! I shopped while Hallie and Daddy had a date to visit some friends downtown. Those two are just the cutest. I am eager to get the little cutie back home now though – oh mommas, we are a strange breed. They drive us crazy all week long and the minute we are apart, we miss them. Go figure…
So with my very rare free time, I thought it would be a great idea to share with you some of the things we have enjoyed this weekend and now deemed must haves. I simply could not have survived the last few rainy days without my Hunter Boots and my new LL Bean jacket. I can jump through as many puddles in the Walmart parking lot as I need to in these suckers! I wonder what the price is for baby Hunters… Probably quite ridiculous but sometimes too hard to resist. I have also recently gotten hooked on a gorgeous coffee from the Linea Caffee in San Francisco – my friend moved there in the Summer and mailed me a batch. Holy caffeine goodness! If you can get your hands on some I highly recommend you do. For the little lady, I have discovered the most ADORABLE onesies and headbands by Hudson & Ruthie. They are so sweet and original – I have really never seen anything like them. Check out the website here. Our latest read is the super sweet Flo & Wendell book. I am going to need to find out what other books there are because Hallie and I love these two pups. Next, into the diaper bag we dive; what momma can live without the refillable wipes pack – I love these bad boys so much that I have one in every bag that we take out of the house. These fabric diaper covers are something I recently discovered and am going to need to stock up this Spring. I have a baby that would like to be naked all of the time, as most do. I think she will love to rock out with her pants off around the house and simply wear these with her diapers. I can’t wait to find some fun patterns so she can be stylish in her nickers! Lastly, a must-have for the swimming pool: I already mentioned the too-cute-for-words swimsuit I picked up for her. She is going to look just like a little bumblebee. Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and staying dry!

Weekend Must Haves

A Busy Start To January

Well I guess first thing is first… an apology for the length of this post! It’s going to be a large one because we have just been so busy around here, I have not been on the computer or blog too much. Therefore I have to cram a few adventures and happenings all into one post. First I will tell you about said adventures as we have had two of them now. Hubby and I took Hallie on her first ferry ride over to Vancouver Island. My husband’s brother lives there with his wife and their brand new baby, Michael.  Michael is about six weeks younger than Hallie and quite the little guy – he is literally half of my little tank of a girl! We tried to let them ‘play together’ which consisted of them basically lying next to each other doing absolutely nothing. Good l’baby playtime. Haley was such a champ for the whole day. By the time we arrived at the ferry early that morning, she was just really waking up for the day. The picture below where she looks super groggy with her ferry ticket, that is freshly woken  up Baby Girl right there. The ride over was consumed with eating, watching everyone on the boat intently and a short nap. We took her up to the top deck where she LOVED the wind. She kept doing this cute, quick breathe in every time it blew in her face. Very exhilarating for a three month old I imagine. The ferry ride back was just as smooth until the end when we were docking. I disappeared to use the ladies room and when I return, Henry was pacing around with her while she very happily wailed and screamed for everyone to hear. It was quite the meltdown but after such a long day, who could blame the kid. All in all, the trip was quite a success! Her travelling days have now began.

IMG_8214 IMG_8224

Our next excursion was just a couple days ago and was without Daddy. I have an aunt visiting from New Zealand and my mum and I decided a trip up to Whistler was warranted, even if it was just for the day. So we trekked on up there late morning and arrived just in time for lunch. There was a fair bit of snow around and though it was a sunny clear day, it was still chilly! I love that sort of weather though. We walked around the village and ate a big plate of nachos together at a pub (Hallie’s first pub visit!) It was not the longest Whistler visit but after a few hours, we were quite ready to head on home (at least I was!). I am enjoying getting her out and about on these mini adventures though. It keeps me from going bat-shit crazy staying home all week and I think it teaches Hallie to be a bit more accommodated to an active lifestyle. Where I go she goes sort of mentality. It certainly teaches us both to manage in public, even in the middle of a manic meltdown. So win-win in my books.

I want to bite these chubby cheeks off sometimes!

I want to bite these chubby cheeks off sometimes!


Okay. That was our adventure portion. Next I wanted to share a couple things that have been around home. Henry got real busy with some reclaimed wood and finally finished our new headboard. It’s gorgeous. It took a little while to complete because the little babe tends to pull us away from all of our crafty projects. The finished piece turned out perfect and I could not be more proud of that man of mine. One day soon we hope to get going on some more woodworking projects and possibly sell them. Reclaimed wood is a bit of a trend these days and quite hard to come by at a good price.

As you can see our furry friend Karma quite likes the headboard as well!

As you can see our furry friend Karma quite likes the headboard as well!


Lastly I wanted to share something I have been working as the little homemaker of the house. Meal planning! I am obsessed with it. I planned out all of our meals for two weeks and did my grocery shopping accordingly. So far, not only have been eating healthier, it saved quite a few bucks and takes all of the stress away of planning dinner last minute with a screaming baby. Okay she is not always screaming but that 3-4 pm chunk of time tends to be her crankiest for sure. Here are just a couple snaps from our Asian inspired evening; Spicy Edamames and General Tso’s Chile Chicken – my take on PF Chang. It turned out phenomenal! Round two of meal planning is quickly approaching and I am excited to try out more new recipes. If I get organized I will even try to get some of my own recipes up on here for you to try at home. For all you busy mommas, I highly recommend this sort of planning and preparation.

IMG_8241 IMG_8276
Well that is all for us this week. Tomorrow is Friday and we are going to try out Mother Goose Storytime for the first time at the local public library. For the weekend ahead we have a bit of shopping to do, family time and MAYBE take Hallie swimming for the first time. Stay tuned for pics of the ADORABLE bumble bee inspired swimsuit I bought her – I really wish I had a matching suit. Getting into a bikini might be scary enough though! XO

Valentines Must Haves

The holiday season ends and before you know it, another holiday is creeping up. Valentines Day! Who doesn’t love Valentines Day? Well I didn’t used to. Many years without a date. Many years spent getting wayyyyyyy too tipsy with my girlfriends in spite of the loving holiday. It’s a bit like New Years really. Full of expectation and often a bit of a let down. However, I must say, when you do get into it with a bit of enthusiasm, it can be a bit of fun. I mean who doesn’t love an overdose of cinnamon heart candies?! The best part of all is having a little baby to dress up in pink and red and everthing glitter and hearts. She really does make the best model. On a blah day, we decided to venture out to the mall. Valentines goodies were in full swing in every shop and the baby gear was simply irrisistible. I put together a bit of a baby Valentines wish list that I know Hallie would LOVE (see what I did there/?). I have to admit that I wouldn’t mind some of these items in my size too.


Why do all the babies get the cutest outfits?! Okay, I might look a little ridiculous strolling around in the hooded bear-eared heart snowsuit but come on, I could totally pull off the tights! I know hubby would like the heart on the bum! =) Along with such holiday infused outfits, we plan to get our hands on some very fun crafts and sweet baking. Stay tuned for more Valentines holiday fun!