Baby Bump, There You Are!

As someone who is not TOO savvy with the back end of blogging, I manage to get by okay. I also managed to delete A LOT of older posts and photos somehow and had to spend precious ‘baby-napping’ hours editing and locating all photos. That is how I discovered this photo of when I told Henry I was pregnant. So I am sorry it is not in chronological order of posts but here it is anyways!
Oh and of course a reveal chalkboard on the blog when it was safe to go public with the news:
The bump has arrived and so has the second trimester! Thank goodness. The first one was a little rough. There was minimal morning sickness, just a terrible queasy feeling ALL THE TIME! Fellow mommas you may know what that is like and I personally think it’s worse than throwing up. At least that way the feeling would pass! The extreme exhaustion has subsided. The emotional craziness also seems to have taken a break though you never know when the meltdowns will start! At the moment it’s just recovering from a nasty cold and dealing with the emotional struggles of not being able to fit any of my pants. Trust me, it’s tough to accept! There have been some tears haha. For now it’s maxi skirts until I go shopping for some jeggings (who have I become?!). Now for the good parts.. Baby Hayward is growing! So excited every time I think about and cannot believe we are in May already. We move to our new home at the end of the month which means we can start decorating the nursery! Check out my Pinterest Account to see the ideas I have come up with so far. It’s going to be difficult to narrow it down. In other exciting news, we will be finding out the sex at the end of the month! I had an easy time deciding that I would want to know. The anxiety of waiting is just too much for us. We will keep it a surprise with number two! So there you have it, Baby Hayward is 4.5 inches long and growing fast!


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