Just Another Sunny Sunday

I am taking full advantage of these hot summer days. I try to begin every day with a solid twenty minutes on the front porch in the perfect morning sun. Just that tiny bit of exposure manages to keep a good tan on my arms and legs (and a ton of freckles!). The furry girl, Miss K usually joins me in this as well. If the first thing I do when I come downstairs is NOT open the porch door, I will hear about it from her. She is a bit of a sun bather this one.

So today being no different, we are starting the day off with a little sunshine. That is going to continue as we take off to watch hubby’s final playoffs for softball. It’s been a bit on a baseball weekend for sure. So this gave me one other idea this morning. I absolutely love packing a bag for the day. Sharing my favourite essentials is something I enjoy doing as well. So I thought I would snap a quick pic and let ya’ll know what’s in my bag for my sunny afternoon. Probably won’t get around to reading a book at the ball field but it’s in there just in case! Happy Summer everyone!
Weekend Items


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