32 Weeks – Countdown Is On!

I failed in a huge way with my little chalkboard plan. I wanted to do one for every week of my pregnancy, keeping track of the growth, movements, fruit comparisons, etc. Even at least every few weeks would have been ideal. I completely underestimated how much time it takes. Or maybe I was just working and doing too much. I am not sure. Either way, I didn’t do too many! Perhaps now that I am a mere three days away from my medical/maternity leave, I will be able to devote more time to it. I will promise to try harder with baby No. 2 though! Lesson learned…

Anyways we are at 32 weeks here! I cannot believe how quickly time has passed over the last few months. It honestly seems like just yesterday I was looking at the ol’ positive pregnancy test and kissing away my party plans. But here we are in the final stretch! Like the chalkboard indicates, this baby moves a lot! She is constantly kicking and pushing and jabbing and poking. Only recently have the hiccups started, hence why I was wide awake at 4AM this morning! Does this happen to anyone else at this stage? I am a sleep lover. I usually cannot get enough. I sure hope this is not a pattern because though the early morning wak up call has allowed me to catch up on the blog (and the sunrise), I prefer snoozing till the last moment possible.  Hoping it’s very temporary! Though I have a gut feeling Baby Girl is preparing me for the next year or so. Good-bye sleep; I will miss you dearly!
photo 1-3
Aside from the crappy parts (excessively swollen feet and a very achy lower back, bum and legs – think Baby Girl is hitting all kinds of nerves) everything is going quite well. It’s incredible how her little movements automatically put a smile on my face and a giggle in my voice. It’s like we are sharing our own little secret moment, which I guess we kind of are. She always shy’s up when I grab Henry’s hand to feel something. It’s almost as if she is like ‘ Nope! Just for Mommma!’. Highlight of the week definitely was my surprise ultrasound yesterday. At my last appointment, my doctor could not get a solid idea of if Baby Girl had turned or even an idea of what position she might be in. Baby Girl tends to be a little all over the place! So my doctor ordered a late ultrasound, just to get a better picture. Fine by me! She was a little stubborn though, not really wanting any pictures taken. We managed to get a good profile shot with her perfect cute little nose. Baby girl also has hair which can be seen in one of the shots – super exciting! Oh and the good news, Baby Girl has turned and is doing a nice big face plant right at the bottom, hands up near her face. There is not too much rom in there at the moment; I feel a bit bad that she is so squished up. She is also predicted to be about 5 pounds right now – so what is the other 20 pounds for that I am carrying around?! Yikes, hope it falls off pretty quick. All in all, it was a great day and so wonderful to see how big she has gotten. Not long until we get to meet her in person – can’t believe it!!!! Next doctor’s appointment is early next week so just hoping more good news is coming our way and everything is looking normal. I love that word now – normal!

Another exciting thing to look forward to as well is planning Baby Girl’s baby shower! I am an event planner and an OCD organizer so it only made sense to plan my own party. I just got the invitations back from Etsy and absolutely love them! I would have done something up myself however this was too awesome to resist. We are going to have a theme of pinks and gold and white. Stay tuned for a post with some Pinterest Inspiration!
invite_Tiffany Brown



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