Friday Faves: Fashion Edition

Happy Friday! Except when you are on mat leave, everyday kind of feels like Friday. I especially love them lately because my husband is home by four and I know we have the whole weekend together with no work – best ever! It’s also kind of crazy to think about tonight being possibly my last Friday night being pregnant. Baby Girl is ready to come any time now! Crazy….!!!

I figured lately there has been lots of baking and crafting mentions but very little on my other love; fashion! Fall fashion is the best of all too. I am obsessed with scarves and boots and coats. Anything cozy, I want to be wrapped up in it. Being pregnant, my Fall shopping has been quite limited. I did not want to purchase any more maternity clothes as I would not be getting a whole lot of use out of them for much longer. I also have not wanted to buy non-maternity clothes, as I have no idea how long it will take me to return to something resembling my original size. There were a few things though that I could not resist and I wanted to share them with you.
The scarf was an easy choice. You do not need to squeeze into it like a pair of skinny jeans. This forest green tartan infinity scarf was a fabulous find at Street, owned by Below The Belt. Reasonably priced too. I know I could very well make a scarf like this but by the time you purchase the fabric, you sometimes wonder which is the better route to take. The coat was a bit of a larger purchase and I think I have a tiny bit of buyer’s remorse, simply because I haven’t been able to wear it yet. The warmer weather we are having and the very large baby bump have prevented me from even wearing it once yet. I am sure with the cool weather quickly approaching, I will fall in love with just as I did in the store a couple weeks ago. It is a London Fog Tartan Duffle Coat (Yes, I love tartan) from Hudson’s Bay. The toggles are totally adorable too! Finding a hood on a tailored coat is next to impossible as well so WIN! The tiny ‘H’ was a gift for my anniversary back in August from Henry. He gave it to me on a beautiful chain and it’s from Pandora. I am considering this new still as I haven’t worn it. Why you ask? It is to symbolize our daughter’s first name. I couldn’t wear it without everyone bugging me and asking me what it meant. I am a horrible liar and would blush crimson when asked so I put it away for safe keeping until she is born. So very soon it will hang around my neck! Sorry – her name is even a secret to you! The next couple pieces are perfect for layering. I love Aritzia’s camisoles and wear them in all colours under just about everything. I picked up these Thigh High socks from Free People and they are the comfiest things. I cannot get enough of soft, lounging clothes for around the house – especially ones that still look good! The purse was a recent purchase at Target. It’s by the brand Merona – Target has a huge selection of Merona bags. I loved the gold hardware and the pocket structure on this particular bag suited me perfectly. Lots of little compartments yet all totally functional. Plus it looked good. Oh and did I mention there was a sale? Target just makes me so happy. They also have a fantastic selection of wrap coats by Mossimo at Target. They are the perfect layering piece for cooler Autumn months  and the patterns are fantastic. I love this Aztec like print and there is a red tartan one that I have my eye on too. (Or perhaps I do not need 2 tartan coats…) I found these gorgeous ballet slipper flats at Urban Outfitters. They were a great price, are comfy and look super sweet on. Due to my (always) swelling feet, I will have to wait until Baby Girl arrives to wear them regularly. At the moment my feet look like chubby sausages in them. Soon though! Lastly, who doesn’t love a pair of printed leggings. They are everywhere right now and some of the patterns are so fun. This pair is from H&M and will be my go-to pants, along with a few others, all season long. SO EXCITED to have Baby Girl and fit back into some of my Fall Favourites! It is the most wonderful time of the year. Well next to Christmas of course!

Enjoy your LONG WEEKEND Friends! Stay tuned for some Thanksgiving highlights real soon. XO


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