Must Have Baby Gear

Baby Gear
I was so excited to write this post because I truly love so many of these products. Okay all of them. They make life with a baby so much easier. When I was pregnant I was constantly Googling First Baby Must-Haves and Essentials for First Time Moms. It was extremely overwhelming because everyone has their opinion on what they think is best. Honestly, I think if you just randomly pick one of the many reputable options and commit to it with a good attitude, it will be your essential as well. For example, with the nursing bottles. Everyone had a different opinion on the best brand. The lady at Babies R Us said ‘let the baby choose the brand she likes’. Sorry but the baby doesn’t know how much the bottles cost. Eventually I just picked a brand of bottles and committed to it. Those bad boys are working out great and I think it’s because the baby doesn’t know any different. This exact same logic went along with many things like the carseat, stroller and baby monitor. How is one to narrow down such a giant selection? Even looking at reviews can be biased. Maybe that maternal instinct kicks in early and you simply just KNOW what to pick. I am not sure but in my case, it came down to picking something that looked good and in my price range (which happened to be on the low side). In the end I am extremely happy with the pieces I chose and am not quite sure how I would get through many days without them.

1.) Brica Rear Facing carseat Mirror – This was an item I registered for my baby shower but did not receive. I though ‘oh well’ it is probably not too necessary and never got around to buying one myself. After Hallie and I’s first road trip out to see the doctor, I immediately decided it was essential for me to see her face in my rear view mirror while driving. It was actually hazardous NOT to see her as I stressed the whole drive in wondering if the tiny seat belt straps in her carseat were choking her. Now that I have one of these mounted in the car I am so happy that I can glance back and be completely reassured that she is comfortable (and breathing). Mind you her cuteness is still distracting while driving!

2.) Crane Humidifier ‘Tear’ – I bought this guy at Babies R Us mainly because it was so darn cute but also because so many New Mommy Blogs insisted it was essential, especially when they get sick. Hallie is now just over 2 weeks old and already has a stuffy nose (WTF?!) so I am going to start using it in her room tonight. Hoping it will help her poor little nose. It sure helped me in the last trimester as I got very stuffed up, as many very pregnant mommas do.

3.) Medela Electric Double Pump – Ahh the breast pump. We did not get along. Some things are just not meant to be. I am loving pump free life though, I must admit that. For all pumping purposes though, this one wins hands down. It is easy to use, easy to clean, and who does not love the fancy backpack that it comes in. Super handy. The price is high but if you are going to be pumping, I recommend this one. Throw it on your registry and maybe a few friends will go in together!

4.) Amerigo Stretchy Baby Wrap by Mamankangourou – Hallie and I are still getting used to this wrap but we love it! The fabric is super soft yet sturdy and the navy and stripes actually look kind of cute. I have not checked out the DVD yet with all of the positions so we have just tried the little newborn snuggle. It works great though! Hallie just snuggles right in and I am able to use my hands, baby free. I can do wonderful things like sterilize bottles and even type on the computer! Two of my priorities right now, honestly hah. There are many options out there (Moby, Boba, Happy Baby Wrap) and I am sure they are all wonderful and functional in the same way. Go out and get yourself one (commit to a brand remember?!) and make life easy. I even tried to make one; turned out perfect but for the cost of the fabric, it cost the same to buy new. I guess I should also be honest here and say that I bought mine off of Craigslist for $20.00. Baby stuff is all the same: You NEED it and then as soon as you don’t need it, you want to get rid of it ASAP. Check out your local online consignment like Craigslist and I am sure you will find one dirt cheap.

5.) Phil & Ted’s Carrier Bag – I was against many baby bags from the start. Many of them I found to be a little sore on the eyes. I wanted to get a nice Lululemon bag that I could use for everything. I always believe if you need to buy a super functional bag (like said baby bag) get one that will look good with whatever you are wearing. I showed Henry the Lululemon bag I was after and he quickly squashed that bug. Guess $200 was too much. We swung by Target just to check things out and agreed on this bag. The Phil & Ted’s brand is durable and because it is black, will look okay with everything. Also it appears to be very unisex so Henry has no objections carrying it. You might laugh but these are important factors to consider! Well they were for me =). This bag has perfect compartments, side mesh pockets for water bottles, secret mommy pockets for all of my lip glosses (because I need to carry 20 of them for some reason) and a convenient changing mat, already put to use about ten times. I love this bag and am super happy with it!

6.) Tommy Tippee Travel Bottle Warmers – For Formula, these are awesome. You have to be quite careful with how long you have formula made for or how long it is out of the fridge, depending on if it was made from powder, concentrate, etc. These are fantastic for taking a couple bottles on the road with me so that little Miss can get her lunch no matter where we are. The velcro strap handles are great too if I can’t quite fit them into the diaper bag and need to fasten them to the outside or even to the stroller.

7.) Lastly, my pride & joy…. the stroller / carseat – Graco Click Connect Mode Travel System. This product is awesome. It is a stroller with toddler seat / bassinet and has the infant carseat. It was so easy to assemble and literally clicked together, hence the name. It is sturdy, light, and steers beautifully. The carseat is nice and compact, and the stroller folds up and down very easily. You can do it with one hand, often the case when carting around your fussy newborn. This stroller looks good and feels good, what more can mom and baby ask for?!

These are my favourite products right now for Hallie and I. They work with our lifestyle perfectly and make my life very easy. Happy mom happy baby remember? By no means am I saying you should go out and buy these. If you do, you will probably quickly realize why I love them so much. There are tons of similar options out there that will do the same thing. Again, just pick something, commit to using it and I promise, you and baby will love it. Don’t get overwhelmed by the millions of choices of baby crap that you can buy. My girlfriend said it best. ‘There is so much crap to buy for a baby. It’s all expensive and half of it you don’t need’. So be wise and savvy with your choices mommas!




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