Baby Nursery

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! Many of you are likely still enjoying it if you took an extended weekend with tomorrow being a holiday. It’s been an action packed weekend for me as I took off to Seattle with a couple girlfriends to see Oprah (Post to come soon, I promise!) but I got home last night and now it is just quality family time for the next two days. Just the hubs and I and the little lady. Oh and lunch with my dad tomorrow so that should be great! Little family catch up time is in order.

I did however want to make time today to finally share some photographs of Hallie’s room. The nursery was completed back in September though I only managed to take some decent photos last week. I LOVE her room. I could hang out in there all day. Often, we do! The inspiration came from my fondness for woodland creatures. When I started working for Anthropologie, I fell in love with whimsical characters from the forest like little owls and furry foxes. I wanted to feature these animals in Hallie’s room, but in a subtle and elegant way. I am also quite obsessed with different shades of white. These two components set the grounds for where I would start designing. Next I wanted to choose a color pallet. Many were shocked that I went for a neutral scheme and not beautiful girlie pinks, knowing that we were having a little girl. I didn’t really care. I knew I wanted the different whites I had chosen, pops of gold, and possibly one or two more primary colors. Last Winter one of our windows at Anthropologie featured hot air balloons. My display coordinator generously gave me three of these handcrafted balloons and that is where my final choice of including the color blue came from. The balloons are honestly just so darn adorable. They suit the room perfectly and when we are in the rocking chair, Hallie just loves gazing up at them. She also loves the glimmers of gold on the wall and in her crib. Certainly is her momma’s kid! For the gold letters on the wall, I bought inexpensive wooden letters from Walmart and spray painted them gold. Take special care when selecting your letters though. It wasn’t until we had them up on the wall that I realized I had chosen one ‘L’ that was a different style to all of the rest of the letters. Hello baby brain! I took no notice and probably looked at those letters a hundred times over the summer. Oh well, gives it character I suppose. We hung them with twine to keep in tune with the rustic vibe that had developed within details in the room. Gold dots also popped out of my favourite Anthropologie cushion and the fitted crib sheet that I bought off of Easy. We refinished an old dresser, sanding it down and giving a fresh coat of paint. I then added gold sleeping fox knobs, also from Anthropologie, to give it a whimsy feel and to tie into the rest of the gold in the room. I adore the animal heads I bought from Anthropologie (it’s just so easy to shop there when you work there I swear!) which we filled with rustic branches and perched them on the white shelves. Henry insists these animal heads would be scary to a baby but I know in fact it is just he who is afraid of them. Hallie will love them just like I do! We also stocked up on cute stuffed animals that also might greet you on your forest adventures. Lastly we added texture to the room with the flowing white curtains and the fluffy white sheepskin. Oh and the plush furry throw in the rocking chair. I love soft fabrics, can’t you tell! The rocking chair is a favourite as well; it was the rocking chair that my husband was nursed in as a baby by his mother. Having items, especially furniture, with a bit of a story is such a beautiful component to add to the room. I can’t wait for Hallie to grow in this room, and as she develops to start noticing and enjoying tiny little details that I put there especially for her. It’s our enchanted forest where we get to spend time together and get to know the other furry creatures that dwell there. Even our dog Karma likes to chill on the sheepskin rug while we rock.
Nursury Image4







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