Gifts For HIM

Happy Monday everyone! Can you believe that there is three days until Christmas?! I sure can’t. It always sneaks up so unbelievably fast, no matter how much you prepare. We have had a busy few weeks. Between Christmas Parties and my husband’s birthday, there has been festivities going on every weekend. We have then spent our weekdays catching up on sleep, trying to stick to routine (as much as you can have a routine with a two month old babe) and of course get ready for Christmas. Lots of baking, shopping, decorating… and all of a sudden it’s here! Thankfully I have completed most of my shopping and don’t need to brave the mall – we went on the weekend for an hour and it was a total zoo. The parking lot was actually dangerous, I swear! I will have to pop out tomorrow for a couple last minute items but for the most part we are snuggled up, nice and cozy, watching The Grinch Stole Christmas and Home Alone on repeat. I feel like it is so important to step back, relax, and enjoy these days just prior to Christmas. Perhaps that is why this is the first year I am not fighting the flu! Must be doing something right. =) So with all of our relaxing I thought what a great time to share with you some last minute gift ideas for the man on your list. Some of these made their way under our Christmas Tree and I am so excited to see the look on my husband’s face when he opens them. Christmas is the one time where there are no limitations with presents and you do not have to buy something what they ‘need’. You can get whatever you like, even if it’s a bit silly. So here are my choices:
1.) Simply Beard Oil – BeardOil on
2.) Tempur-Pedic ‘Stratus’ Slipper – Nordstrom (Tempurpedic for your feet?! Oh hell yes!)
3.) Mustache Key Caps –
4.) Docking Station – Jigsaw Furnishings on – if you have a husband like mine, he leaves his crap all over the house. How nice is something like this to keep all of those bits and pieces organized and in one place. Then he can always find what he needs as well.
5.) Cards Against Humanity Board Game – – the best game! As well, with Amazon Prime you can get free shipping and arrivals within two days. Now if that doesn’t ease your online shopping stress I do not know what does!
6.) Jerky Of The Month club – (This might be a gift for me as well)
7.) ‘Good Morning Handsome’ Mug – Chapters / Indigo
8.) Double Down Silicone Strap Watch by Diesel – Nordstrom

I hope most of you are enjoying this festive Monday and if you need it, good luck with getting some last minute gifts for HIM. Hope this helps!


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