Month: January 2015

A Taste For More – Baby Cereal

Well what a way to kick of the weekend…. letting my baby try oat cereal for the first time. We have mixed reviews over here. After our three month well visit with the doctor a few weeks ago, we were given the go ahead between now and four months to try some baby cereal. (more…)

Meal Planning

Monday Meal Planning is going down today! Two weeks ago, I did a trial run of meal planning and not only did it save me a ton of cash, I felt organized and all dinner plans were entirely stress free. You know the feeling. It’s 4:30, baby is grouchy, needs a bath, bottle and dry diaper. Husband walks in the door, tired from work. (more…)

Rainy Vancouver Weekend

Happy Saturday everyone! I feel like it has been pouring rain for ages! Seriously, the roads are just about flooding out there. Despite the yucky weather, we have had a great start to the weekend. Yesterday Hallie and I tried out our first play group. We went to a local one here in Port Coquitlam, held at an elementary school. The ladies there were so lovely and wonderful with her. (more…)

A Busy Start To January

Well I guess first thing is first… an apology for the length of this post! It’s going to be a large one because we have just been so busy around here, I have not been on the computer or blog too much. Therefore I have to cram a few adventures and happenings all into one post. First I will tell you about said adventures as we have had two of them now. (more…)

Valentines Must Haves

The holiday season ends and before you know it, another holiday is creeping up. Valentines Day! Who doesn’t love Valentines Day? Well I didn’t used to. Many years without a date. Many years spent getting wayyyyyyy too tipsy with my girlfriends in spite of the loving holiday. It’s a bit like New Years really. Full of expectation and often a bit of a let down. (more…)

Holiday Table Settings

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your holidays as much as we did. I will need to do a little catch up posting to fill you in on our holiday festivities so here is your warning, you may get our entire Christmas all in one post soon hah! This post is a little late as most of you are done with holiday entertaining but I wanted to share it anyways. (more…)