Valentines Must Haves

The holiday season ends and before you know it, another holiday is creeping up. Valentines Day! Who doesn’t love Valentines Day? Well I didn’t used to. Many years without a date. Many years spent getting wayyyyyyy too tipsy with my girlfriends in spite of the loving holiday. It’s a bit like New Years really. Full of expectation and often a bit of a let down. However, I must say, when you do get into it with a bit of enthusiasm, it can be a bit of fun. I mean who doesn’t love an overdose of cinnamon heart candies?! The best part of all is having a little baby to dress up in pink and red and everthing glitter and hearts. She really does make the best model. On a blah day, we decided to venture out to the mall. Valentines goodies were in full swing in every shop and the baby gear was simply irrisistible. I put together a bit of a baby Valentines wish list that I know Hallie would LOVE (see what I did there!?). I have to admit that I wouldn’t mind some of these items in my size too.
Why do all the babies get the cutest outfits?! Okay, I might look a little ridiculous strolling around in the hooded bear-eared heart snowsuit but come on, I could totally pull off the tights! I know hubby would like the heart on the bum! =) Along with such holiday infused outfits, we plan to get our hands on some very fun crafts and sweet baking. Stay tuned for more Valentines holiday fun!


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