A Busy Start To January

Well I guess first thing is first… an apology for the length of this post! It’s going to be a large one because we have just been so busy around here, I have not been on the computer or blog too much. Therefore I have to cram a few adventures and happenings all into one post. First I will tell you about said adventures as we have had two of them now. Hubby and I took Hallie on her first ferry ride over to Vancouver Island. My husband’s brother lives there with his wife and their brand new baby, Michael.  Michael is about six weeks younger than Hallie and quite the little guy – he is literally half of my little tank of a girl! We tried to let them ‘play together’ which consisted of them basically lying next to each other doing absolutely nothing. Good l’baby playtime. Haley was such a champ for the whole day. By the time we arrived at the ferry early that morning, she was just really waking up for the day. The picture below where she looks super groggy with her ferry ticket, that is freshly woken  up Baby Girl right there. The ride over was consumed with eating, watching everyone on the boat intently and a short nap. We took her up to the top deck where she LOVED the wind. She kept doing this cute, quick breathe in every time it blew in her face. Very exhilarating for a three month old I imagine. The ferry ride back was just as smooth until the end when we were docking. I disappeared to use the ladies room and when I return, Henry was pacing around with her while she very happily wailed and screamed for everyone to hear. It was quite the meltdown but after such a long day, who could blame the kid. All in all, the trip was quite a success! Her travelling days have now began.
Our next excursion was just a couple days ago and was without Daddy. I have an aunt visiting from New Zealand and my mum and I decided a trip up to Whistler was warranted, even if it was just for the day. So we trekked on up there late morning and arrived just in time for lunch. There was a fair bit of snow around and though it was a sunny clear day, it was still chilly! I love that sort of weather though. We walked around the village and ate a big plate of nachos together at a pub (Hallie’s first pub visit!) It was not the longest Whistler visit but after a few hours, we were quite ready to head on home (at least I was!). I am enjoying getting her out and about on these mini adventures though. It keeps me from going bat-shit crazy staying home all week and I think it teaches Hallie to be a bit more accommodated to an active lifestyle. Where I go she goes sort of mentality. It certainly teaches us both to manage in public, even in the middle of a manic meltdown. So win-win in my books.
Okay. That was our adventure portion. Next I wanted to share a couple things that have been around home. Henry got real busy with some reclaimed wood and finally finished our new headboard. It’s gorgeous. It took a little while to complete because the little babe tends to pull us away from all of our crafty projects. The finished piece turned out perfect and I could not be more proud of that man of mine. One day soon we hope to get going on some more woodworking projects and possibly sell them. Reclaimed wood is a bit of a trend these days and quite hard to come by at a good price.
Lastly I wanted to share something I have been working as the little homemaker of the house. Meal planning! I am obsessed with it. I planned out all of our meals for two weeks and did my grocery shopping accordingly. So far, not only have been eating healthier, it saved quite a few bucks and takes all of the stress away of planning dinner last minute with a screaming baby. Okay she is not always screaming but that 3-4 pm chunk of time tends to be her crankiest for sure. Here are just a couple snaps from our Asian inspired evening; Spicy Edamames and General Tso’s Chile Chicken – my take on PF Chang. It turned out phenomenal! Round two of meal planning is quickly approaching and I am excited to try out more new recipes. If I get organized I will even try to get some of my own recipes up on here for you to try at home. For all you busy mommas, I highly recommend this sort of planning and preparation.
Well that is all for us this week. Tomorrow is Friday and we are going to try out Mother Goose Storytime for the first time at the local public library. For the weekend ahead we have a bit of shopping to do, family time and MAYBE take Hallie swimming for the first time. Stay tuned for pics of the ADORABLE bumble bee inspired swimsuit I bought her – I really wish I had a matching suit. Getting into a bikini might be scary enough though! XO


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