Rainy Vancouver Weekend

Happy Saturday everyone! I feel like it has been pouring rain for ages! Seriously, the roads are just about flooding out there. Despite the yucky weather, we have had a great start to the weekend. Yesterday Hallie and I tried out our first play group. We went to a local one here in Port Coquitlam, held at an elementary school. The ladies there were so lovely and wonderful with her. She really enjoyed the sing along and we even got a few giggles out of her. It really is the sweetest sound ever. Outside of the fun sing-along, I feel that she may be a little young for that sort of thing. Maybe when she can sit up on her own she may be able to interact a bit better. We were not short of smiles though! Today I have actually been baby free all day and it feels quite strange and exciting at the same time! I shopped while Hallie and Daddy had a date to visit some friends downtown. Those two are just the cutest. I am eager to get the little cutie back home now though – oh mommas, we are a strange breed. They drive us crazy all week long and the minute we are apart, we miss them. Go figure…
So with my very rare free time, I thought it would be a great idea to share with you some of the things we have enjoyed this weekend and now deemed must haves. I simply could not have survived the last few rainy days without my Hunter Boots and my new LL Bean jacket. I can jump through as many puddles in the Walmart parking lot as I need to in these suckers! I wonder what the price is for baby Hunters… Probably quite ridiculous but sometimes too hard to resist. I have also recently gotten hooked on a gorgeous coffee from the Linea Caffee in San Francisco – my friend moved there in the Summer and mailed me a batch. Holy caffeine goodness! If you can get your hands on some I highly recommend you do. For the little lady, I have discovered the most ADORABLE onesies and headbands by Hudson & Ruthie. They are so sweet and original – I have really never seen anything like them. Check out the website here. Our latest read is the super sweet Flo & Wendell book. I am going to need to find out what other books there are because Hallie and I love these two pups. Next, into the diaper bag we dive; what momma can live without the refillable wipes pack – I love these bad boys so much that I have one in every bag that we take out of the house. These fabric diaper covers are something I recently discovered and am going to need to stock up this Spring. I have a baby that would like to be naked all of the time, as most do. I think she will love to rock out with her pants off around the house and simply wear these with her diapers. I can’t wait to find some fun patterns so she can be stylish in her nickers! Lastly, a must-have for the swimming pool: I already mentioned the too-cute-for-words swimsuit I picked up for her. She is going to look just like a little bumblebee. Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and staying dry!

Weekend Must Haves



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