A Taste For More – Baby Cereal

Well what a way to kick of the weekend…. letting my baby try oat cereal for the first time. We have mixed reviews over here. After our three month well visit with the doctor a few weeks ago, we were given the go ahead between now and four months to try some baby cereal. After doing some extensive research on the subject, I quickly discovered that this topic is as controversial as the whole breastmilk/formula saga. Man there are some opinionated people out there – and power to you for spreading the word in what you believe in. I think that I learned a thing or two when I was researching breastmilk versus formula. That everyone is entitled to their own opinion. In the end, each mother must follow her instinct and of course do what she can and what she thinks is best for her babe. So in the end I decided we would venture forward with oat cereal. It was interesting to say the least. First, I picked the wrong day to try something new. Miss Grumpy had a frown on her face for most of the day, despite my efforts of continuous sing alongs and spoiling of cuddles and kisses. We all have crappy days and today was hers. For some reason, this did not discourage me from preparing what is really mush and not a ‘solid’ at all, but that is what they call it. My doctor advised us to give her the cereal before bed. Well tomorrow night I will treat ‘before bed as 5pm since the poor thing was starving and obviously more concerned about getting her regular bedtime bottle than this spoonful of weirdness. Tomorrow night will read as follows: ‘Dinnertime cereal’ at 5pm, bedtime routine at 6:15pm and bedtime bottle, into the crib to sleep by 7pm. There is that ol’ maternal instinct kicking in, telling me that is the right thing to do in this situation. If all goes as planned (which it absolutely never does with a baby) tomorrow nights photograph will look a little happier than what you see below! Happy Friday friends!


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