Long Weekend & Family Day Fun

Today is feeling like a Monday because of the long weekend we just had. Very sluggish and lazy and sad to see Henry go back to work. It’s always so nice having him here all weekend – not to mention all of the assistance with nighttime feedings! So with it being a long weekend, we had three whole days and boy did we get a lot done. For those of you who are not from B.C. Canada, we have Family Day here. Great idea if you ask me! For the most part, we got quite a few things done around the house. Hubby did a massive clean out of the garage and finally got all of our clutter organized. He sheepishly admitted that he in fact has more junk down there than I do – I am completely astonished by this but will not argue. Saturday night we decided to have some neighbours over for drinks and appetizers. There was quite a few laughs and on my part, quite a few glasses of wine. Sunday Hallie and I took off to my mum’s – she has a pool in her townhouse complex so were were going to have Baby’s First Swim! It was adorable. Not only did she have the CUTEST bathing suit (I have mentioned it many times already in other posts – have been dying to get it on her!), she also had the cutest darn expression on her face the entire time. It was the biggest bath tub she had ever seen. We didn’t get any smiles or giggles. I think she may have been a little overwhelmed. We also didn’t get any tears though so will take it as a win. I can’t wait to take her swimming again next weekend. I feel like we will have to keep at it to make sure she enjoys it. Based on her bath tub interactions at home, that kid is totally a water baby. Summer will be fun! On the holiday Monday, in the true meaning of Family Day, we went to visit some family. Henry’s cousin just had a brand new baby boy, also named Henry. His other cousin was visiting town as well with her baby boy who is seven months. Unfortunately I only have one picture from the meeting which was Hallie and her cousin Will, no pics of the brand new babe. Lets just say that was one room with A LOT of cuteness happening. Babies everywhere! I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend as much as we did. I guess it’s a countdown to Easter now!


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