Happy Birthday!

Another year rolls on by. This time, I am astonished by what has actually happened in the last year! Between turning thirty and turning thirty-one, I’ve had two birthdays, one house-move, one baby and maybe a few new mother meltdowns. Quite a few accomplishments! The biggest one obviously being my darling baby girl. She actually managed to take over two birthdays without even trying, that darling little gem. This time last year, I had just discovered I was pregnant and was celebrating my 30th Great Gatsby inspired birthday party with dealcholized red wine- yuck! I passed the test even though I was bored to tears. No one discovered my budding belly secret until a couple months later. This year, having felt slighted on my 30th, I decided I would try again to party it out. I would be meeting friends downtown at a pub to have cocktails like we once did, pre-baby. Three hours later we had sat in crazy Friday afternoon rush hour traffic, dropped off baby to Grandma’s for a sleepover, and made our way through terential rain to said pub. Is it just me or does it take a lot of effort to have a good time once you are a parent. However, I do admit, it was a very fun time! We were the last group to shut er down at 3am and a select few survivors even took a school bus home in lieu of a taxi (looooong story but a heck of a good time). I must also admit I felt very much my age the next morning. Nothing like a romantic Valentines Day breakfast shadowed by the dark cloud of a hang over. It was a welcome slap in the face that I could not party like I used to. Sure those times were really fun (the ones I can remember). But to start the mom-job at 10am with such a hang over was a task that no one deserves. All in all, a fun night out with a very happy ending – a lazy Saturday hanging with my very obliging baby girl – she napped for like 4 hours! When baby naps, mommy naps…. One thing I did realize after a very energetic evening out, those nights are better when they only happen once in awhile. It makes you appreciate your past, as well as your present. Change can be an adjustment but sometimes, for the best. (Read: I feel old and I am happy about that LOL!) Sunday was enjoyed with much more energy! We had a lovely family lunch with my mum, celebrating both of our birthdays, and ended the afternoon with a family seawall stroll. Hallie slightly reminded me of the elderly at the old folks home when they bundle up to go outside for air… such a darling she is. So cheers to another birthday, another year, and to a good year ahead. I know it’s going to be one for the books!

Hubby and I out celebrating like we did 'pre-baby'

Hubby and I out celebrating like we did ‘pre-baby’


Her Highness, rockin a new headband I made


Best Buddies, hanging out with mommy’s hangover


MY mommy and I, celebrating our birthdays


Seawalling with the old lady



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