The Day My Baby Stopped Sleeping

Okay maybe she has not stopped all together, but my child has definately decided sleep is for SUCKERS! The cool kids just aren’t doing it anymore. It all began last week. A normal (or as close to it as we get round here!) Tuesday night. Nothing out of the ordinary, with our regular bedtime and bath routine. Then at about 11pm, I heard the cry. Not the usual cry. Not a tearful or painful or discomforted cry. It was more like a playful wail that translated to ‘Hey you guys!’ (insert Goonies image here). She wasn’t hungry or wet, just wanted to have a little visit. Which was fine, I love my baby cuddles. But when this continued every two hours, I quickly transitioned into the walking zombie that I still am today. It’s funny too, the more sleep I lose, the more I find myself searching for answers and reasoning. Why is she doing this? I must have googled every possible reason before a little light switches on and I remember the only true reason that justifies this sort of behavioiur – babies will just sometimes be babies. Babies are shitty sleepers. The moms who say that their babies are a dream in that department, well you are either lying or the big guy upstairs is looking down and cutting you one heck of a break- and the rest of us are super jealous! At the end of the day though, babies will just be babies. They wake up lots, they cry, they fart like mini machine guns and make epic, disgusting poops that will often make it’s way on to your arm and dry up there for the day. They dribble and spit up milk all over your ponytail that you strategically tied to the side of your head so that they wouldn’t rip any of your hair out (hair that is already precious since you have lost chunks of it due to postpardum hormones). They also giggle and smile and look up at you like you are the best thing in the world. To them, you ARE the best thing in the world. You give them snuggles and milk and take care of them when they are scared of the growing world around them. Did you know babies do not have knee caps?! Their tiny bodies are growing knee caps! I wouldn’t be able to sleep well either if I was GROWING KNEE CAPS! So my whole thoughts on the sleep thing? Or lack there of… Go ahead my darling little girl. Let’s have that crib party at 3am. Like everything with little babies, this too shall pass. When it does, we will battle your teething gums. But for now, lets have a cry, have a snuggle, and excuse all the sleepy mistakes that mommy will make today, like putting a tea bag into her orange juice.

imageOh and I HAD to share this chuckle here with you from the Huffington Post by Sarah Bregel – I am sure all you mommas will appreciate and probably relate to a few!




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