Month: March 2015

Spring Has Sprung!

Even though we have gotten our fair share of rain here on the West Coast lately, you really can feel Spring in the air. Every time I step into my closet I find myself ditching the wooly sweater and hunting for those fresh Spring florals and brighter colors. (more…)

Weekdays With Babies

I am just loving my maternity leave lately. Of course I have loved being off with my baby since she arrived back in October. It is however getting to be more fun though as each day passes. The older Hallie gets, the more personality she has and the more things she enjoys doing. (more…)

Easter Fun

Like I had mentioned before, we dropped the ball on Saint Paddy’s Day. We are however very ready for Easter! Today presented a lot of rain and an impromtu pyjama day filled with many Mini Eggs chocolates and some very cute smiles from a special little lady (it would not be a normal post without pictures of my baby girl now would it?). (more…)

St. Paddy’s Day

Happy Saint Patricks Day! I am utterly ashamed to admit this but we completely dropped the ball here. Not a decoration to be seen, not a shamrock cookie to be late, and no one is wearing green! I did make a couple of green beers last night for dinner in honour of Irish Holiday but that is the only effort I put forth. (more…)

Another Sunny Monday

It really does feel like Spring has officially arrived here in Port Coquitlam. We have had a beautiful stretch again of sunny, yet cool days. Haley and I have gotten out every day, going for long walks in the new Ergo Carrier. Yesterday we even headed out to the pier in New Westminster for some ice cream. Okay well maybe the ice cream was just for me. (more…)

Monthly Favourites

I have meant to get around to this post for some time and am excited to finally be caught up… for now anyway! As a new momma, every day I am learning what make life with a little one slightly¬†easier. What makes my day run smoother. I also have discovered through trial and error what my baby likes and products that work well for her. (more…)