St. Paddy’s Day

Happy Saint Patricks Day! I am utterly ashamed to admit this but we completely dropped the ball here. Not a decoration to be seen, not a shamrock cookie to be late, and no one is wearing green! I did make a couple of green beers last night for dinner in honour of Irish Holiday but that is the only effort I put forth. I do not know what has gotten into me?! Perhaps exhaustion from the little one’s latest sleep habits. I must admit though, the most fun part about St. Paddy’s Day is settling down in a good Irish pub for the day and getting completely hammered. At least that is what we used to do! I don’t think I could pull that off nowadays. I will put much more thought into Easter; I have already started a couple decor crafts for our dining room table. I am going to pick out some fun Easter baking to get done, and even though we will be out of town that weekend, Hallie has a number of Easter outfits to dress up in. I do love Easter. Next year will be even better as Hallie will be at an age where we can maybe play around with painting some Easter Eggs and do an Easter Egg Hunt.
Speaking of Hallie, my darling baby girl is now five months old! I cannot believe how quickly time is passing. Every single day holds tiny surprises with her growth and development. With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to share some of her loves, likes and dislikes with you. She is already full of so much character and personality that it is quite easy to distinguish what makes her tick, and what tickles make her giggle.
Hallie Loves:
1.) Eating – formula, food, oral medicine… she loves it all! For food, she loves having her oat cereal mixed with carrots or pears and even likes it when prunes are mixed in. Like I said, this girl loves to snack.
2.) Tickles and giggling when we nuzzle her neck with lots of kisses.
3.) Her Jolly Jumper.
4.) Having a good view of us, sitting up, and being able to see everything going on around her.
5.) Being naked.
Hallie Dislikes:
1.) Her carseat, stroller, swing, basically anything that straps her in. Yea she is a pretty chill baby…
2.) Clothing in general. As mentioned above, she prefers to be in the nude as much as possible.
3.) Pacifiers – if it doesn’t produce milk than she really doesn’t see why it should be in her mouth.
4.) Drama – she watches everyone and if you are telling an emotional story, you can bet that bottom lip is going to be popping out while she hangs on to your every word. She takes after her mom on the ol’ emotions.
5.) At the moment, getting stuck on her tummy. She LOVES rolling around but gets extremely frustrated when she cannot roll back. Hopefully she gets the hang of it soon.
We can’t wait to see how things grow and change in this fifth month baby girl! You are my drooling gift from God and we love you to pieces!


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