Spring Has Sprung!

Even though we have gotten our fair share of rain here on the West Coast lately, you really can feel Spring in the air. Every time I step into my closet I find myself ditching the wooly sweater and hunting for those fresh Spring florals and brighter colors. Though there is still a slight chill in the air, that awkward in-between shoe season will be here where you don’t want to wear your leather boots, but aren’t quite ready for the flip flops. Enter the wedge or ankle booty. I do love Spring fashion. Not my favourite for sure, Fall takes the cake there. But there still are some refreshing pieces that I can’t wait to wear, weather permitting of course. Don’t even get me started on Spring baby clothes! After drawing some simple inspiration from a few favourite Instagram accounts, I have rounded up my Spring favourites to share with you.


J Crew Necklace / Cailyn Gel Eyeliner / Rag & Bone Ripped Skinny Jean / Old Navy Linen Tunic – sold out! / Pineapple SmartPhone Case / Gee Wawa Sandals / Dolce Vita Peep Toe – Similar Here

Mama style is the easy part. Whatever is comfy, durable and wipeable; who knows what sort of baby bodily fluid will end up on you. If it looks good, bonus! That is what I love about most of these piece. You can slip them on easily enough and look pretty good at the same time. The shoes allow for a quick scramble over to the babe when she rolls over and is so frustrated that she starts screaming. Long necklaces allow for a quick removal when tiny grabby hands get going. Either way, you want pieces that look cute and stand up to the demands of being a mama, as messy as it can be. Now for Baby spring Favourites!


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