Month: April 2015

Nursery Planning Obsessions

I was just working on something for a friend of mine and became very nostalgic! She is having a baby this summer (a little girl!) and had asked me to gather some nursery planning ideas for her. (more…)

What To Do With Bread Ends

We go through a lot of bread in our house. Hubby takes a sandwich everyday for lunch. I am a carb whore so not a day goes by when I don’t have a couple pieces of toast. Bagels are my weakness – my doctor actually cut me off of bagels at my seventh month mark in my pregnancy. (more…)

Amazon Addictions

Another soggy Vancouver day means another day indoors! When Hallie is old enough to jump in puddles, we will be outside regardless. But while she is so little, these cozy cuddly afternoons inside are not so bad. (more…)

A New Zealand Tradition

I do not know if I have mentioned it before but we are from New Zealand! Well I am and my parents and brother, extended family, etc. I was born there and my family came to Canada in the eighties. I went back in my travelling days to live there for a couple of years but have not been back in about ten years. (more…)