Amazon Addictions

Another soggy Vancouver day means another day indoors! When Hallie is old enough to jump in puddles, we will be outside regardless. But while she is so little, these cozy cuddly afternoons inside are not so bad. Plus while she naps, the yucky weather does not make me feel guilty for spending time online. Online shopping that is. Have any of you fully explored the world of Amazon? You can seriously search for anything and there will be a form of what you are looking for. There also happens to be endless of baby related items which lead me to put together a little shopping list for Spring. I have collected some of my must have items to share, all available on Amazon. Do you have any online favourites to share?
Amazon Wish List
Minnie Mouse Crawling Helper / Zoli Gummy Stick Massager / Babyganics Highchair Cleaner / Baby Touch & Feel Storybook / Mombella Eva Bath Toys / Pancake Pen / Mickey Mouse Egg Ring / Outdoor Swing

Hallie is really trying to get moving and crawl so I think this Minnie Mouse crawler would be perfect. A little pat from baby on Minnie’s back and she crawls away a little enticing baby to move along with her. These Zoli Gummy Massagers look awesome for those sore teething gums, especially when the teeth further back start to come in. Very baby hand friendly too. Now that we are on solids and exploring the fun world of baby snacks, this high chair cleaner is a must to have on hand at all times. I was surprised at how gross and messy things got so quickly! We can’t wait for warmer weather, dinners outside! Make as much mess as we can out there and less clean up for this momma! I love the idea of this Touch & Feel Animal Storybook; Hallie is all about texture at the moment and squeals with delight whenever she feels something new. I think she would love this interactive story. Now that she is sitting up as well, we are able to have a bit more fun in the bathtub. Rather than just lie there with a stunned expression on her face, there are now giggles and splashes. These bath shapes would stimulate her and create all sorts of water fun. The pancake pen and egg ring are technically toys for me but eventually she will love eating pancake breakfasts. These will allow us to have lots of cooking fun making shapes, letters and numbers with our yummy homemade pancakes. Lastly, I am dying to get my hands on an outdoor swing such as this one. I want to hook it up to the ceiling on our patio. We spend a lot of time out there in the sunshine so it will be great to have something her size to keep her entertained (and contained!). All we need now is the warm weather!


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