Six Month Update

My little monkey is six months old! I can’t grasp how quickly time has flown by. We really have hit a bit of a sweet spot too. Six months is a lot of fun. Four and five were really rough waters. Teething, two colds and sleep protesting – naps and nighttime. For awhile there I thought I would never sleep again.  We are far from perfect in that department still but it has improved greatly. Well nighttime sure has gotten better. Naps are still an unsolved mystery. It is humorous that as a child, you are expected to nap yet they protest it like crazy. As an adult, it is not all that common that one would have time to nap. Yet it is the only thing you want to do all the time! Bit of a vicious circle there. When I am not dreaming of sleep I am consumed by this beautiful little girl who has come into her own personality full force. She has a crooked smile, an infectious giggle and two adorably spiky bottom teeth. She is constantly watching; Judging and thinking. You can take one look at her and almost see the wheels in her head turning as she figures it all out. She has also developed a voice. All sorts of screams (happy ones), grunts and sounds fill my house all day long; and all night sometimes! We are also seeing movements and desires of getting ready to crawl. She is up on all fours, swaying back and forth trying to move forward and of course only moving backwards. All of a sudden her leg will shoot out to the side, acting like her little kickstand. I can’t wait to see what happens next, whether it may be the ‘scoot’ or even the crawl. At that time my life will turn completely chaotic as I will no longer be able to just plop her down on her playmate. Instead I will chasing after the little rascal! As far as activities goes at the moment, the Evenflo Safari Exersaucer is the favourite. Haley could spend forever in it flipping the little book pages and playing with the noisy elephant. I had to remove a couple of pieces in fear they would poke her eye out – she gets a little rowdy in that thing! Our hot pink Munch Mitt has come in very handy during teething times. I figure her hand was in her mouth most of the time so why not have something soothing attached to it. I have sewed bandana bibs up which we cannot live without – teething equals drool amounts in comparison to Niagra Falls and bandana bibs prevent me from changing her out of drenched onesies many times a day. I am also excited to announce on a side note that I have created enough of these bibs to start my very own Easy Store! I cannot wait to get this going – hopefully this weekend. Just need to find that valuable thing called spare time. More on that soon… The little monkey has also gone through a bit of a growth spurt recently, forcing me to go and buy some new Spring Sleepers. My favourites are these cute watermelon print ones from Joe Fresh / Superstore, among other prints. Warmer weather has presented itself too which means rompers everyday! The poor kid would rather be in the nude but I like to think this is meeting her halfway.

As much fun as it is seeing what each month brings, I can’t help but wish for time to slow down a bit. These little babes grow so fast and with every day gone, I feel like an emotional wreck thinking of how little she once was. No wonder so many women pop out number two babe soon after! These babies…. Thieves of the heart I tell you! I hope you are all having a great weekend. Time for us to get back to playing and giggling, and getting ready to watch some hockey. Go Canucks Go!



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