Nursery Planning Obsessions

I was just working on something for a friend of mine and became very nostalgic! She is having a baby this summer (a little girl!) and had asked me to gather some nursery planning ideas for her. Well a couple of hours on Pinterest and here I am ready to plan nursery for baby number two of my own! There are so many cute ideas out there. It is hard to know where to even begin. I found it quite easy though gathering thoughts for my friend’s nursery. She has chosen grey and coral as her color scheme and the possibilities seem endless in that combination. For fun I thought I would share my findings, in case there are any mommas out there looking something similar. It’s rather sad how enjoyable I found this to be. =)
Baby Baliko
This collection of ideas was mainly about the aesthetics of the room. Lighting, wall decor, artwork, fabrics for upholstery and bedding, interesting storage choices for storing cotton wool & Q-Tips, and of course, adorably quirky ideas for toys and furry friends. I am in love with the oversized piggy rocker from The Land of Nod. I am also a sucker for monogram anything so these Zinc letters from Anthropologie are a must have in my house. But seriously how cute is this color combo?!
Now that the aesthetics were out of the way, one always must consider storage. Functionality is key.
Baliko Baby Storage Ideas
Every image here sort of speaks for itself and touches on little tips I have discovered with my own nursery planning. I do love the way Hallie’s room turned out however there is always room for fine tuning. Having things accessible is so important when you are dealing with an explosive baby poop! A lot of the storage solutions above allow for that easy access while looking fabulous along with the rest of the room. I think it also goes without saying that I am slightly obsessed with wire baskets. They are just so darn perfect! With all of this baby girl nursery room planning, I can’t help but wonder how fun it would be to design a baby BOY’S room! Better not scratch that itch just yet.. =)



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