Month: May 2015

Post Renovations & Open House

We survived! It was long and arduous with lots of blood, sweat and beers (Ha! See what I did there?). As of Saturday evening it was still pretty full on, cleaning every nook and cranny, staging my poor little heart out. (more…)

Home Renovations Continue

And we are still going over here with all the chaotic renovations. It’s been non-stop for the last couple weeks and exhaustion seems to be a common theme in this house. Grandma has been so helpful by coming over on certain days to entertain Hallie but since she can’t be here all the time, the days are full on. (more…)

Home Renovations & Getting Ready To List

Holy moly have we been living in chaos! We finally decided that we will get our home ready to list. This meant a full paint job throughout the entire house, minor projects here & there, and ripping out the main floor flooring. (more…)

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

There is just something so tasty about Cinco de Mayo . . . Tacos and margaritas! Mexican food has to be my favourite. Tacos and fajitas, festive cocktails with tequila (preferably the more expensive kind; if you go for cheap tequila you will feel it in the morning!). (more…)

5 & 6 Month Favourites For Baby

Baby Girl is 6 months old! Okay, she was a couple of weeks ago… but that allowed for us to truly see what her favourites are in the big bad world of baby goods. It was a challenge to keep the list slim but a few things stood out more than others for sure. (more…)