5 & 6 Month Favourites For Baby

Baby Girl is 6 months old! Okay, she was a couple of weeks ago… but that allowed for us to truly see what her favourites are in the big bad world of baby goods. It was a challenge to keep the list slim but a few things stood out more than others for sure. Below I have compiled our favourites for both month 5 and month 6. I will also be adding these collections to the older post of favourites located here.
Faux Wood Floor Playmat – I received this as a gift for my baby shower from Babies R Us. Now that baby girl is sitting and trying to crawl, it is nice to have an area that has most of her toys that she is playing with at that time. It seems to create decent traction for trying to crawl and as a bonus, looks decent in our living room, blending in with the existing decor. Lord knows we don’t need another baby looking apparatus.
Ingenuity Baby Seat – Until I commit to purchasing a highchair, this seat works perfectly! It is a great size and almost like a ‘baby steps’ chair for getting into the routine of eating solids. It’s perfect size, not to mention I love the pink! I foresee about 3 more weeks in this seat and then we will need to find a high chair. My little lady is getting a little too rambunctious.
Infection Feel & Learn Soft Book – Hallie is obsessed with these types of books at the moment. They are soft to the touch and have crinkly stuff inside to create texture and sound. She also has started to put everything in her mouth so these books are suitable for that too. Some even have rubbery tabs that are good for teething.
PlayTex Bowls – Feeding time in our house is a lot of fun. We pump the Disney music and have regular sing alongs while we eat our meals. With all of that comes a bit of mess. Especially with tiny hands trying to reach for her bowl and spoon to feed herself. These bowls are great in the event that she does grab hold of one and throw it across the room. I may have to clean up pureed carrots but at least we don’t have broken dishes on our hands.
Baby Gourmet Food Pouches – The mixes that this brand puts out are insanely delicious! Well as delicious as baby food can be. I love the combinations, how easy it is to store and access them, and the fact that it is organic is a major plus. Babies do not eat a lot so the food that they do eat, you want it to be top quality and full of nutrients.
Munch Mitt – I purchased this Munch Mitt when Hallie was around four or five months. Sometimes she wants nothing to do with it but other times, she loves it. The silicone bumpiness is perfect for her tender gums and it stays strapped to her hand with a velcro closure.
Dumbo & The Starry Night – This was a gift from Grandma and we love it. Dumbo is adorable with his big ears and the tent has star cut outs that light up red or blue. In a dark room, it projects stars everywhere. Haley loves to see the stars and is obsessed with flipping the whole thing over to see the bottom. Dumbo has since come detached from the tent and is now a favourite toy to snuggle with.
Itsy Ritzy Shopping Cart & Highchair Cover – This little gem is so handy when we go out for lunch or do the grocery shopping. I get a piece of mind that my baby is not picking up every germ in the world, plus it makes a cozy seat for baby. She feels more secure and has a blast fingering the pretty pattern. Oh the simple delights in life haha.
Infection Activity Stacker – We were given this at my baby shower as well. I had it out all the time in earlier months however Hallie has only recently taken a liking to it. She loves to disassemble it and try putting each piece in her mouth. One day soon I imagine she will try to stack them all together but for now, we are in distraction mode.
On a side note, I must tell you what our absolute favourite toys are at the moment. My Kitchen Aid Measuring Cups! I think we might have a little baker on our hands here friends.


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