Happy Cinco De Mayo!

There is just something so tasty about Cinco de Mayo . . . Tacos and margaritas! Mexican food has to be my favourite. Tacos and fajitas, festive cocktails with tequila (preferably the more expensive kind; if you go for cheap tequila you will feel it in the morning!). I also can make a killer guacamole which I have built a bit of a reputation on. Every year May rolls around and I kick myself in the butt for not planning a proper fiesta. Last year I was pregnant so I indulged on tacos but had to pass on the stiff margarita. Sure there is always a virgin cocktail but honestly, where is the fun in that. This year I was planning to put together a little throw down for Saturday evening however the weekend just got too busy. I am headed to my mums tomorrow with baby girl so we decided tonight we could celebrate Mexican style. We may not have had the proper tequila bar set up like I had planned but there is no need to get that crazy on a Monday night. Not with such a crazy busy week ahead (or should I say going on, Monday flew by!). So now with a very full tummy, I wish you a very happy Cinco de Mayo tomorrow and may your day be filled with fun and a sturdy helping of guacamole. Cheers!


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