Home Renovations & Getting Ready To List

Holy moly have we been living in chaos! We finally decided that we will get our home ready to list. This meant a full paint job throughout the entire house, minor projects here & there, and ripping out the main floor flooring. On a normal day, living among renovation mess would be very difficult for me. I have a mild case of OCD I swear. Throw in a six month old baby who is trying to crawl AND putting everything in sight into her mouth, well it is just too much to deal with. The little lady and I packed our things and headed out for a mini vacation at Gramma’s house. This way hubby could make all the mess he wanted to and probably get a lot more work done without us there. Our trip to Gramma’s was fun! Lots of cuddles for Hallie, lots of laughs & kisses for Gramma, and lots of relaxing for mum. Not to mention a few glasses of wine here and there. I mean when in Rome… We returned home to a very messy house and the vacation ended there. I feel like I have gone non-stop for two days picking up painting supplies and cleaning. We have my brother-in-law with his wife and baby boy coming to stay this weekend so it had to be done. It will be so fun having them here, not to mention another baby in the house! The weekend is also packed with baseball games, lunch with my Dad, oh and big surprise, more renovations! The fun just never ends. At the end though I think we will be very pleased with the work put into the place. Even though the work is mainly being done solely by Henry at the moment. Not only and I apparently a terrible painter, it is far too difficult to help when my bundle of joy here requires more and more attention everyday. Six months old is proving to be one of the most exhausting months yet. We are loving every moment of it though. You can see it in her face below, how happy she was to stay at Gramma’s and escape the noise and stinky paint. Oh what fun!
(Little Aunt Gemima here!)
(Party in the big bed!)
(Lastly, our latest obsession, baby flip flops from Old Navy)


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