Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day! It was my first and it felt like such a special day. I got emotional several times, overwhelmed with happiness when I looked at my precious babe. Well boy did I see her other side today and I thought it was just too fitting for such a hectic day to follow Mother’s Day. I simply had to share.
I knew it was going to be an off day when she woke up for her nighttime feed about two hours too early. I do not like to talk about it when she is close by but we have gotten into a bit of a routine with nighttime feedings and sleeping and I am ever so grateful for the extra sleep. Hence why I don’t want to jinx it by talking about it. So when she woke up too early I thought, okay, this should be interesting. Sure enough, the earlier feeding lead to an earlier wake up time, and the little princess wanted to start her day at 6am. I have worked very hard to create a late sleeper out of my baby so I was not going to take this laying down. Well I guess you could say I DID take it laying down because I promptly took her back to my bed and tried to encourage going back to sleep with a fresh bottle and our lucky glowworm. My very alert child proceeded to chatter and squeal very loudly for the next hour but did go back to sleep. Eventually we got up for the day and all seemed like it was going well. Happy baby, happy mommy, fresh coffee…. off to swimming lessons we go. First, I forgot diapers. Who does that??? Luckily my friend had one handy in Hallie’s size. Next, her swimsuit was way too small upstairs and way too big downstairs. With luck on my side, again, I had brought a spare. I of course had to de-robe her and dress her again which lead to a complete meltdown. To follow the meltdown, she was crabby throughout the entire swim class. But that is okay – we got through it! Back to the changeroom…. Hallie is trying to crawl which means it is damn near impossible to keep her on her back. This chick would not let me put clothes on her without trying to roll over. She creamed the entire time and put on quite a show for the rest of the changeroom (insert momma getting flustered here). So we have half dressed crying baby and myself still standing in a wet bikini. Time to dress. Forgot my bra and underwear! Lets just say our exit from the pool felt like a walk of shame. The rest of the day carried on, without naps, and a similar rolling over situation while I was trying to change an explosive poopy diaper. The laundry is now going, my naked baby is trying to crawl around the nursery, very happily might I add, and mommy is sitting down on the floor and having a beer. Yes, it is that kind of day my friends! I am eternally grateful to be the mother to this girl, but man can she give you a run for your money!


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