Post Renovations & Open House

We survived! It was long and arduous with lots of blood, sweat and beers (Ha! See what I did there?). As of Saturday evening it was still pretty full on, cleaning every nook and cranny, staging my poor little heart out. Sunday afternoon was our open house and boy was it busy! There were about 12 people waiting when we left to let our realtor get set up. Apparently it was busy all afternoon too! Real estate is so hot now in Vancouver. I do not want to reveal too much too soon but lets just say a few offers came in and we are waiting on one to close. The whole experience of reviewing and accepting offers is STRESSFUL! If you have gone through it yourself you know all about it. Talk about the hot seat! I think I guzzled about four glasses of wine throughout the process just to ease my nerves. I may continue to guzzle the wine until next week when the deal goes through. I am not cut out for the real estate world! I will absolutely post some of our renovations on here to show ya’ll how hard at work we were. Time to finally put our feet up and have some fun. My poor baby has been such a champ during all of this chaos. This week we are going to try and have as much fun as we can, and if the weather cooperates, be outside as much as possible. I am dying to get her baby pool blown up again so we can have some other baby friends over for a wet & wild play date. A little distraction while we play out this waiting game on the house. Happy Tuesday everyone!
The best thing about staging was all the fresh flowers that I have spread throughout the house!
Finally taking a moment to enjoy my new floors, peonies and a good cup of coffee!
This little monkey, crawling all over the place AND pulling herself up on everything. The chasing has officially begun!


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