Month: June 2015

Canada Day BBQ Planning

Canada Day is almost here! Every year I say we are going to have a big party (much like Cinco de Mayo) and every year time sort of gets away with me. Plus a lot of people take vacations this week every year too so (more…)

Hot Summer Days On The Westcoast

If you are living anywhere in B.C. right now, you certainly know about the crazy hot temperatures that we are getting lately. It has been smoking’ hot for quite some time! We have been back and forth from the Coast to Kamloops as well and it does not feel all that different no matter where we go. (more…)

Father’s Day Weekend Fun

I hope you all had a great Father’s Day weekend! We sure did over here. What a weekend it was actually! Friday started off with Hallie and I headed into the city to check out the new Westcoast Kids location that had opened recently on Main Street. (more…)

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner! Last year I tried to make it special because I was pregnant so we had a Father-To-Be fancy breakfast. This year I am so excited to actually celebrate our dinnertime-hero and let him know how grateful we are of him. (more…)

Baby’s First Camping Trip

We did it! We survived Baby’s First Camping Trip. Or should I say, I did it! She handled it all like a champ and I managed to not pack everything we own for her in hopes of a smoother trip. Bit it went very smoothly! Last week Hubs and I loaded up the car, and with baby and gramma in the backseat, we headed North and East for the flat lands of Alberta! (more…)

Our Weekend

Hello! Happy Hump Day! This post is brought to you by…. nap time! I was meaning to post on Monday. Then again on Tuesday. But for some reason, I needed nap time just as bad as Hallie did. Though slightly still zombified from shitty sleeps this week, I feel as though I am functioning better today. (more…)