Our Weekend

Hello! Happy Hump Day! This post is brought to you by…. nap time! I was meaning to post on Monday. Then again on Tuesday. But for some reason, I needed nap time just as bad as Hallie did. Though slightly still zombified from shitty sleeps this week, I feel as though I am functioning better today. Must be a combination of stress from selling the house and Hallie’s new teeth coming in. At least I think they are. Joy! With all of that added stress came a very enjoyable and very needed fun weekend. Our Friday was very quiet with some relaxing, drinks with the hubby, and some final episodes of Sons of Anarchy. We are getting very close to the end of our marathon. Guess it will be back to reality. Saturday, Henry had a baseball game so us girls had the house to ourselves. A few girlfriends and their little ones joined us for brunch. There were two preggo and two of us with healthy appetites on any given day so there was A LOT of food! We had french toast, bacon, sausages, croissants, fruit, scrambled eggs… did I say bacon? It was heaven.We had ourselves a real girly time, relaxing and gossiping the morning away. I am going to miss these girls when we move! I guess that will make the visits that much sweeter though right? Saturday afternoon, Hallie and I headed out for Gramma’s house as she was going to have a sleepover there. I was in need of some adult time and caught up with some old friends at a pub. Beers and potato skins plus good company equals a very good time. We left the pub early enough, and one of my best friends and I went to her place – adult sleepovers with wine and cheese, yes please! Of course we got so drunk that all we did was talk about our kids and show each other pictures of them but hey, that is what you do when you are a tipsy momma! Sunday (with no trace of a hang over woohoo!) was a day for family. Hubs, Hallie and I tricked all the way out to Chilliwack to finally pick up her Boon (hot pink!) high chair. I bought it second hand, thus why we had to drive so far, but it was one heck of a deal. She loves it too. I was not impressed with the condition of the harness so I contacted Boon directly and they are sending me a new one free of charge. Amazing customer service! I had my eye on some other Boon products off of their website and now feel excellent about ordering from them. After we hightailed it out of ‘The Wack’, we headed for The Greater Vancouver Zoo. Now I must say, I am an animal lover. I can appreciate the zoo too. They may be in captivity but often its food good reason, to protect their species, and they are always very well taken care of. My standards for your typical zoo were set VERY high after our honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta. The zoo there was amazing and you could get right up close to the animals and feed them. One of my favourites was feeding the giraffe. Haley would lose her shit if she got that close to a giant Sophie! Our zoo however is not as interactive. The animals are either completely caged or quite far away. Many were sleeping too. There was a very moody bear who was not at all happy with Henry. Had that fence not been there, I may have lost my husband to the bear that day. Even though it wasn’t exactly how we imagined, it was still a fun afternoon, spent together. Quality family time is all that matter sometimes. Of course Monday rolled around way too quickly and Henry went back to work. The work has started for me too now as we closed the sale on our house Monday night. Time to pack! I took one look at a pile of moving boxes that my dad gave me and thought ‘moving is the worst!’. Let the fun begin I guess!
Some kiddy pool fun going down in our backyard and enjoying some cold beverages!
The Little Gremlin who is crawling EVERYWHERE and getting into EVERYTHING!
Our new Boon Inc. High Chair!
The Grouchy Bear AKA Husband Hater
And this one is just for fun… look at that mug!


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