Father’s Day Weekend Fun

I hope you all had a great Father’s Day weekend! We sure did over here. What a weekend it was actually! Friday started off with Hallie and I headed into the city to check out the new Westcoast Kids location that had opened recently on Main Street. That store is mighty dangerous for me! I could blow my entire maternity leave pay check there in the blink of an eye. Some of our new purchases included these adorable Minimocs (but in hot pink!), a new whale mat (similar one here) for the bath tub since a certain little lady has outgrown my laundry basket method (found on many life hack websites including this one), a secondary Boon Lawn Drying Rack since bottles still seem to take over my kitchen space, and a few other general baby hygiene favourites. All in all, a very successful shopping trip for us. We were then headed out for Hallie to have a sleepover at Gramma’s when I realized that I had left ALL formula and food by the front door at home. Heading home and back out again would have added a good two hours to all of this running around, plus Hallie was no doubt going to be starving any minute – she usually has impeccably timing like that. So we had to go out and buy more formula, food and bottles! Lets just say it was an expense I hadn’t budgeted for, baby shit is expensive on a regular day, not to mention when you are now doubling up! There was little choice in the matter though. At least it wouldn’t go to waste with my little hungry monkey! Once we were all settled in a Gramma’s, hubby and I were headed to a bbq/drunken sleepover with some of my long time friends. It was quite the evening. Very boozy and full of laughter. Saturday morning, we shook our hangovers off, picked up Hallie and headed out to White Pine Beach in Port Moody for some fun in the sun. It was a great afternoon. The water was a little too chilly for Hallie but a nice refreshing dip for us. Sunday was Father’s Day and we started the day off right; crispy bacon and strong coffee. The weather was gorgeous yet again so we headed out as quickly as possible. Hubby wanted some new golf shoes and then once again, we ended up at the beach, just by our house this time. There is something great about beers and baby time on the beach. It was so fun just to hang out as a family and watch Henry really enjoy some quality time with his daughter. After all, that is what Father’s Day is all about right?! It was such a wonderful day and weekend and I savoured every moment. Now it’s Monday and back to the grind we go. So far our day has been filled with four loads of laundry, two bathrooms cleaned, breaks for tickles and giggles, and two nap time attempts (one being successful!). Oh how we love Mondays haha!

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