Hot Summer Days On The Westcoast

If you are living anywhere in B.C. right now, you certainly know about the crazy hot temperatures that we are getting lately. It has been smoking’ hot for quite some time! We have been back and forth from the Coast to Kamloops as well and it does not feel all that different no matter where we go. Anyone who knows those areas also knows how crazy that sounds! But we are loving it – most of the time. Baby’s bedtime is proving to be an absolute disaster. I have had two fans in her room and stripped her right down to a diaper but she still can’t get comfortable. She is cutting a top tooth as well as embracing her new-found talent of standing in her crib so put it all together, we have one exasperated momma here! I feel like patience and a lot of white wine might be the two things to get me through this baby phase AND heat wave.

Like I mentioned, we have been back and forth to Kamloops lately, checking out houses. There is quite a variety of houses within our price range. Some are cute and renovated throughout, some are rather scary and need to be completely gutted. I am not ready to move into a total construction zone with a crawling babe either. When it came down to somewhat of a wishlist, we settled on something renovated, but that still had the room for us to do a couple DIY projects and make our mark in there. Air conditioning was an absolute MUST, and a nice big fenced yard. Hubby was not aware but on my list was also three bedrooms on the main level so that we could accommodate baby number two when the time comes. We found a bit of a gem with a finished suite and the whole house is basically move in ready. I should have led with the fact that we wanted a suite to rent out and intend for this to eventually turn into an income property. We will locate a new (forever) home and keep this one with tenants to make some cash off of it. So presently, we are in the offer stage and sitting on pins and needles. I cannot wait to get a definite answer from the seller and am crossing my fingers that it is in our favour. Then we will proceed to sit on pins and needles while an inspection takes place. Ahh, the joy of selling and buying homes. FML!

In the meantime, we are just trying to get through this heat, and contemplating the idea of packing. It will be our moving date before I know it and I swear, I will have done nothing. Better start building boxes and purging out items we no longer need. Something tells me the Salvation Army is really going to score when I get going here. Monday is housework day at the Haywards so I better get back to it before that peaceful sleeping baby is awake and standing in her crib, gnawing on it like the little beaver she is lately. Happy Monday!
This is her go-to outfit in this hot weather. Don’t ask me what the lip-pouting duck face is all about though!
Hydrating, out of her new Lollacup slippy cup which I HIGHLY recommend!
Poor kid – got sunscreen in her eye so sorta looks like she was in a baby fight – and lost!
Hubby and I house hunting in Kamloops – with beer fuelled smiles to hide our nerves!


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