Oh Canada!

Well it is slightly delayed but I wanted to put up some fun pictures from our mellow yet fun Canada Day celebration! It was such a great day. We had initially hoped to head out in the morning and check out some local festivities, however nothing was really getting going until noon. Instead we took a big stroll on the docks and looked for seals. We also had a very large breakfast, relaxing with coffee and dangerous amounts of bacon. Hallie must have sensed there was a busy afternoon ahead and conveniently went down for a nap at 11:30 and did not wake until 1:30. She timed it perfectly as our guests were due to arrive at 2pm. Just enough time to get her dolled up for the day! We all had our red on and I even threw on some plaid, to be real Canadian. We only had two other couples over so it was perfectly manageable to whip up some fun and festive snacks. We had red liquorice bunches, homemade iced tea, red velvet cupcakes, smokies, burgers, candied bacon (yes more bacon) AND the main event, individual servings of poutine. It was slightly overindulgent but on holidays, who gives a crap!? ‘Not I’ said the momma with her mouth stuffed full of fries, gravy and cheese curds… mmmmm classy lady! It was a delicious afternoon. We all survived the heat too – not sure how my girlfriends did both being well into their third trimesters of being preggo. Poor gals. I secretly vowed that day that my next pregnancy will take place throughout the Winter. Yes that means no Christmas cocktails (gasp!) but it also means I might not suffer as much and sweat like a giant cow… like I did last year! The best laid plans…
Aside from Canada Day, there has been a lot of pool time and simply trying to stay cool whenever possible. I am trying to convince the Hubs to purchase an air conditioning unit, at least for upstairs. If any of you are in British Columbia, you know we are dealing with 180+ forest fires which is making things extremely uncomfortable. The windows have to be shut due to an air quality warning and when you are relying only on fans and no A/C, that is a challenge! We are sticky hot messes over here. Chances are though by the time we go out and buy a unit, the heatwave will pass and all will be tolerable once again. Murphy’s Law!
We have been spending as much time as humanly possible outside (well up until today with the air quality warning) and catching tons of Daddy’s baseball games. Hallie loves being at the park and exploring. I spend most of my time pulling leaves and grass out of her hands before it makes it into her mouth but we still manage to have a blast. Nothing like an icy cold cider in the park as well. Summer truly is the best isn’t it? As I write that I have just glanced around me at the moving boxes I have been building all morning. I think it is finally time to start packing. This procrastination has to end. But first! (Hah see what I did there?) I need to get through a quick read: “The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up” (Website). Let me tell you, if you have clutter or the need to purge items, read this first. I have heard amazing reviews and cannot wait to put some techniques into action. Perhaps packing should follow the Great Purge that is soon to take place. I hope you are all having a fantastic Monday, and keeping your littles one away from the smoke-filled air.
The ladies in red!

Our Canada Day BBQ fun!

Just livin’ it up at the Baseball Game!

Summer snacks…. and sips!

Baby’s new favourite snack – a juicy summer peach!

Event he furry girl needs to stay cool in this heat! Check out this website for fun ideas!


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