Summertime Fun With A Baby

Well that post title just about sums up our life these days. That and being way too busy! Between day-to-day chores, appointments, road trips to Kamloops and everything in between, we are still managing to soak up the sunshine and enjoy all the mommy and baby time that we have together. The weekends have been jam-packed and now that Hubs has finished playing baseball for the year, we have been spending a lot of time together as a family. Port Coquitlam, and the surrounding areas, have a ton of cool nature walks and lakes so we have been making the most of our time here by exploring them. I also invested in a jogging stroller to make these adventures fun – it can be slightly stressful trying to navigate rocky hills in the Graco Travel System, not to mention a little rocky for the babe! The jogging stroller really has been the way to go. I have also taken out for a jog, all of two times, and intend to more very soon! This tummy jiggle has GOTS TO GO! We have also been discovering all of the local pools. Favourites of course include ones with shallow baby wading areas. Today we met some friends at my old stomping grounds, South Arm Pool in Richmond. There was possibly one hundred kids in the pool between swimming lessons and summer camps. Hallie, who usually LOVES a good splash in the pool, completely lost her shit. If it wasn’t so funny at the time I might have felt bad for her but her screams were a little bit comical. The poor girl. We quickly found a quiet nook of the very crowded pool to finish off our swim. Pools with adjacent parks rock as well. Nothing beats topping off a refreshing baby swim with a good push on the swings. My girl has grown to love the swings! I recently purchased this Little Tykes swing and cannot wait to get it hung in our new backyard – let’s hope there is a tree to hang it from in said yard! On top of all of that summer fun, my mom, the baby and I took a road trip to Kamloops last week. No house hunting this time, this was strictly a girls trip. We stayed at the brand new Signature Sandman on the water and I kid you not, this hotel was Vegas style. The pool was amazing with giant patio loungers. Our room was fantastic – and very baby friendly! We had a great time exploring the farmer’s market and topped the afternoon off with half priced wine bottles at Moxies – now who can say no to some afternoon rose? #nowayrose! It was an awesome girls trip and so fun to actually show my mom a good time up there versus the stress of house hunting. Of course, no post is complete without some fun photos, including my little girl all dolled up for walking in the rain (Okay I did the walking and she did the stroller-ing!) and testing out our new potty! I know she is probably too young for potty training but nothing like getting them used to it early. As you can see by her expression, we had some success at christening it! Hope y’all are having a great week and stay tuned soon for some monthly favourites that I have finally got around to working on. Seven, eight and nine month baby favourites are coming very soon to the blog. Nighty night!


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