Seven Month Favourites For Baby

I am playing a little catch up here, since Baby Girl is almost ten months old now, but better late than never. Seven months old was a great age! A lot of development happened in this month. Hallie was full of baby talk – dadadadada and mamamamama and a few sounds that sounded more Arabic than English or baby talk LOL! Hallie was seven months old during our hotter months in Vancouver so this meant a lot of time outside. We spent many days poolside and in the sunshine. We also did a fair bit of eating during this stage. So with all of that fun stuff happening, I give you a list of our personal favourites that were awesome at seven months old. (If you want to see all of our Monthly Favourites compiled together, please check out this post!)

Baby Sized Pool – We bought our from Walmart and it is sold out now. Next Summer I think I would prefer to purchase a hard shell pool like this one, rather than a blow up pool. Less work and a bit more durable.
Activity Stand – I bought mine second-hand but the same one is available at Walmart here. This puppy is perfect for seven months because Hallie could stand and support herself on it as well as entertain herself with all the buttons and sounds.
Umbrella Stroller – I picked mine up at Toys R Us, similar one here. Reasonably priced and so darn cute! We have the navy blue fox print one and I just love it. It’s perfect for quick walks and on-the-go days at the park and pool. Sometimes you need a break from the big bulky travel system.
Sleeveless Onesies – With the hot weather, sometimes clothes were not an option. I found these perfect little onesies at H&M and bought Hallie the pink and white polka-dot one. Looks like they are no longer available as Fall inspired clothing is now appearing – yikes!!! I did however spot these darling ones which I may have to order anyways. Good for layering in chillier months!
Quilts – We spend a lot of time playing on the ground so it is absolutely necessary to have quits on had all the time to throw down. We have about 15 I swear. My favourite prints and fabrics are The Land of Nod baby quilts. They have just about every pattern you could think of. They might be my not-so-secret shopping addiction.
Boon Inc. High ChairThis chair is my best friend sometimes. I love the look of it and my kid is just too happy hanging out in it. The seat looks made for her; she is such a lazy lounger in it! I probably screwed myself for baby number 2 if it’s a boy but I don’t care too much. Who can resist hot pink. I must say that Boon’s customer service is awesome too. They do not hesitate to help you out or send you complimentary parts if anything is not working properly. I have been extremely pleased with them!
Puff Snacks – There are a ton of baby snacks out there but these have been a huge hit in our house: Parent’s Choice Apple Raspberry Puffs. Not only does baby love the taste but they also serve as a fifteen minute distraction on the highchair tray while momma throws back a hot cup of coffee. Win win.
Summer Custom Fit Gate – We have an open concept living and dining room so it was a challenge to decide on a baby gate. The Summer Custom Fit Gate worked well as it simply sectioned off the entire living room. I could let baby hang out in there with all of her toys and not worry about the stairs. Now that she has taught herself to climb up on furniture in there, my days of sitting back and watching are likely over. It is still a great gate though!
So those are our favourites for seven months old. Of course there are many different things out there made to make life easier, but these ones in particular worked great for us. Stay tuned for eight and nine month favourites coming soon!


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