Getting Out Of The City

Well we did it! We made the big move. It was a long and arduous summer including full home renovations, the stressful experience of selling a home in the Lower mainland (hello bidding war, hope we never meet again!) and finally, a tedious house hunt for that perfect, or close to perfect fit in Kamloops B.C. Somehow with a mischievous crawling baby, an insanely busy summer schedule and three cold and flu viruses later, we did it. We are now cozied up among mountains of boxes in our new home. We are also loving it! Obviously I miss my parents terribly, not to mention a few good friends back in Vancouver. That is about all I miss though! It is easy to forget about big city chaos and mass amounts of traffic when you are hanging out in your giant backyard. Even our cuckoo dog seems to have mellowed out a bit. My ten month old however, not mellow at all. Since we arrived I swear the grin on her face gets more and more mischievous each day. She is constantly giving me a run for my money. Getting into absolutely everything, small tantrums when I take the inappropriate toy away (i.e.: my cell phone), and a new found pickiness for most foods. Even her sleepy has gotten a bit rocky since we arrived. I must keep telling myself though that it is all because of change, and those pesky two front teeth of hers. There is a light at the end of the tunnel (Desperately hope) and things will settle down and go back to normal. Or as close to normal as we have ever been hah! For now we need to embrace the changes in our life. Speaking of change, the season has shifted entirely! Without any notice, summer seems to have buggered off and fall is here. I do not mind this whatsoever as autumn is our favourite month in this house! Pumpkin everything, game day Sunday, homemade slow cooker soups, tall boots and scarves… yea there are just a few things I LOVE about this time of year. I put unpacking on hold yesterday to do some front porch decor planning. Needs to get my hands on some fall mums and some tiny gourds. We just may be paying a visit to Michaels Craft Store today! Other than a bit of shopping for fall and new home decor, our to do list is reasonably small. One thing I absolutely want to accomplish by next week is sourcing out some fun mommy and me activities for Hallie and I to participate in. I am thinking a music class would be right up her alley as this kid really loves to boogie, at all times. Honestly, music comes on and the head is bopping and the booty is shaking. She gets it from her momma! Well that is it for me for now. I know it was a very long time since I posted but in all fairness, we had a lot going on! Now that we are in our new home, I aim to nail down a writing schedule and focus on some more specific content. Thank you for visiting and I hope you come back for more. Enjoy today! (For today is a great day.)



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