Adjusting A Baby To Big Changes

For the first time in a couple weeks, I actually have a few moments of silence in our new home. Hubs has gone to the hardware store (this outing seems to happen daily when you are renovating) and Hallie is down for a nap, against her wishes. It’s a bit of a dreary day too, very Fall like actually. We got a TON of rain overnight – I opened our bedroom windows and could hear it all night long. I loved it! So refreshing. Of course that makes for a very soggy Tuesday and so far we have spent the entire day indoors. Perhaps that is why my cranky baby appeared. One thing I have discovered with such a huge change in scenery is that babies can have a difficult time to adjusting. This somewhat surprised me. I guess in the back of my head I knew it was possible but Hallie has always been a bit of a champ like that. We have had plenty of trips, hotel sleepovers, sleepovers at the grandparent’s houses. I cannot recall any major issues. Settling into our new home though has presented a few! For starters, we now live on one level. Our bathroom and bedroom are adjacent to the nursery. In our old place, the bedrooms were all upstairs and on opposites sides of the house. I can no longer casually watch Bachelor’s Paradise in bed and not care about the volume. The wooden floors require that I tip toe around the room and quietly select items out of the closet. I am now one of those moms who hesitates to flush the toilet, in fear of waking a peacefully sleeping babe. I am not saying I don’t LOVE the layout of my new home, it just definitely takes some time getting used to. On the plus side, it is extremely baby friendly with no stairs around to be concerned about. Back to the sleeping…. it would appear that my baby has forgotten all about her fantastic sleep habits as well! Sure has been a rough week for mom and dad. Once she id down, we are okay. But persuading her to actually GO TO SLEEP?! Lord help us all. I cannot identify any particular problem, just that staying up to play with us is far more appealing then getting a little shut eye. Last night was the best night so far so I am hoping and praying that we are on the road to recovery! Sleep will once again soon be our friend. I should shut my mouth right now though. The minute you think you are golden is exactly when those little angels think ‘I don’t think so!’ and decide they shall never sleep again. So more on that later I suppose….
Outside of trying to re-establish our sleep routines, we really don’t have any other schedule going on at the moment. I still strive for normalcy with daily walks, running errands together, meals around similar times each days, and consistent play and bath times. When you are setting up your house, and renovating a new one beneath you (we are installing a suite, not sure if I mentioned that), it’s damn near impossible to stick to all schedules. We are trying hard though!
New favourites in the new house for Hallie and I:
Swing time and crawling exploration in the big backyard. It’s just the best, simple as that.
Having dinner together, or any meal for that matter, on the covered patio. Right now it is all under strict supervision as we need to install some safety spindles as well as a gate. Once that is completed we intend to spend A LOT of time out there. I think we might install a heater on the ceiling as well, so that not even chilly old man winter can stop us from having a good time out there!
Climbing. Okay well this is Hallie’s new favourite past time. Not mine. It is the result of many minor heart attacks on my end. She will climb anything and I feel this will only get worse as she becomes more agile and coordinated. Time to take baby proofing to a whole new level.
Watching the trees blow in the wind. Not only is it quite windy here often in Kamloops, but we are blessed with many trees on our property and big windows to watch them through. Hallie loves standing at the big front window, or the screen door to the deck, or even being held by me looking out the big kitchen window and watching the trees blow in the wind. It totally fascinates her.
I am so excited with her development about how many more favourite activities are going to form soon. I am also nervous because that girl is just SO DARN BUSY. Chasing her down constantly is full time exercise! I feel like she has become a toddler just a tad to early!
For the remainder of this nap, I am going to whip up some pumpkin loaf muffins. If time is on my side and I haven’t forgotten how to bake over this hectic summer, I will be sure to share the recipe. Have a wonderful day!
No post is complete without a picture is it…. Hear we have a major Goldfish mess. And yes those are Halloween PJ’s. Getting in the spirit real nice and early!


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