Settling Into The New Home

I can’t believe we have already been living in our new home for almost a whole month! It still feels like it was just yesterday that we were packing up our townhouse. Moving is always a hassle and unpacking seems to be ongoing, however it really is starting to feel like home here. The kitchen is my favourite place to be. It has a fresh farmhouse vibe and giant windows that overlook the big back yard. The kitchen is always the heart of the home so that is where I concentrated my efforts first. I started by updating the hardware on the cabinets. The cabinets themselves were old but freshly painted white so they were fine as is. The copper knobs had to go and I found some dark vintage ones and roughed them up with a nail file to give them even more of a distressed look. We had a bamboo kitchen island which I sanded and painted white (can you tell I am obsessed with white?). I then converted it into a coffee station which happens to be the most popular place in the house now! I also located a used table for $15 online and refinished it. It is on the small side but so is this house so it fits in perfectly. While I was visiting my mum a couple of weeks ago I snagged two chairs that were the perfect addition to the room. So the kitchen is coming together perfectly! Perfect timing as Fall Baking is upon us and it is time to get cracking on the sweet stuff.

The beloved coffee station. I love the glass canisters with chalkboard labels (big surprise!) which you can get at Bed Bath & Beyond. I still need hardware for the drawers so ignore that please. =)


My refinished table; I forgot to take a before shot but it was pretty basic and outdated before I got to work. We also broke it in with a big breakfast while my parents were visiting. I am limiting my Fall decor but it’s only a matter of time before the whole house is filled with gourds.

Everyone is getting festive round this house! (BabyGap Halloween PJ’s – sold out but similar ones here)
My kind of festive right here =)

Hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday! A rare napping moment has presented itself so I will either follow suit or do some much needed housework. Happy weekend!


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