Fall Decorating With Our Friend Gourd

It’s here; October! Well tomorrow is the first of October but it doesn’t really matter in this house as we started Fall decorating the day after Labor Day. I drive my husband a little crazy with my overzealous and early decorating tendencies but he knew all about this when he married me so no complaints. My number one decorating tool this time of the year is the ever so precious gourd. I LOVE gourds. What can you not love about a miniature pumpkin or relative of that family. In my opinion, the warty-er the better too. This year however I have leaned towards your calendar mini orange pumpkin and of course, the white ones! The key I find every season is no to go overboard. There is a fine, sweet line between tastefully decorated and just plain cluttered. Today I am sharing a few spots of our home that have been highly dusted with holiday festiveness. I am working on our front porch and will be sure to share pictures of that area as soon as it is done.But for now, please meet our friend Gourd, and all of his buddies.







Couldn’t resist…. does this face not say ‘come on mom…’

Please share what your favourite decorating go-to pieces are!


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