Halloween Festivities All Weekend Long

We have a cold and rainy day on our hands here. I intended to write a post as soon as Hallie went down for her nap however I passed out HARD on the sofa for the last hour. Somehow, she is still sleeping despite all the hammering and drilling going on downstairs so we will see how long I get before she wakes up and wonders what the heck all that noise is coming through her nursery floor!

Halloween is this weekend! I cannot believe that it is so close and that it also will mark the end of October. Despite how ready we were for Fall, it blows my mind that we are in the thick of it already and November is around the corner. I am not going to lie but thoughts of sugar plums are already dancing in my head. Yes, it’s true. I am one of those people you hate. The one who is singing Christmas songs before her carved pumpkins have rotted. I am going to raise my daughter to do the same too. Of course we will TRY to take our time on the Christmas decor, for hubby’s sake, but I can’t make too many promises.

Back to the present… our weekend was awesome and filled with Halloween fun! The renovations were at a stand still downstairs so we were lucky to get Daddy all weekend long. Saturday we decided we were totally overdue on getting the final decorations up outside. Now that we live in an actual house with front porch and driveway, we had the opportunity to go all out with cheesy Halloween decor. From covering the entire front hedge in cobwebs, to hanging heads from the gutters, not a space out there went bare. We are even making a spooky scene for the garage! I need to get some nighttime pictures but will definitely be posting some to show you. We also finally made a trip to the pumpkin patch! Though the sun was shining, it was a very cold day! Something tells me we will be breaking out the parkas pretty damn soon. The pumpkin path here in Kamloops is crazy! It’s at Tranquille Farms which also resides on the same land that the old asylum is. VERY SPOOKY! There are all these older, dilapidated buildings that seriously look haunted. There are also tunnels underground connecting all of the buildings. Back in the day they used to transport bodies in these tunnels after conducting (rumor has it) very unethical experiments. It was friggin creepy! We obviously did not enter the buildings but had a good drive around the back roads. Hallie had conveniently fallen asleep as soon as we pulled up so this gave us an opportunity to do some four wheel exploring. Once she woke up we carried on to the pumpkin patch and corn maze. Good ol’ Halloween fun! She loved it and we managed to snap some great photos. Sunday we headed out to the Wildlife Park. With the cooler weather, many of the animals had been tucked away where it was warm. We did manage to see some sleepy bears, a variety of birds and owls, and some elk. The park was decorated for Halloween with ghosts and goblins all over. We were there when it was still light out so thankfully Hallie did not get too scared. The mini train ride was not her favourite activity though so if she does have nightmares, I may blame that. All in all it was a great experience and I hope to go back when it is decorated for Christmas (!!!!!!!).

Now we are only days away from the spookiest night of the year. Time to break out the candy, more scary movies because we have had them on non-stop, and carve some pumpkins! Oh and not to mention having Hocus Pocus on repeat during the day- our favourite. Hope you are all having a great time getting in the ‘spirit’!

Halloween festivities

Halloween festivities

Halloween festivities

Halloween festivities

Halloween festivities


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