Changing Seasons

We survived Halloween! This year I found the ghoulish holiday to be more exhausting than usual (and last year I had a fresh newborn so that says a lot!). Between all of the decorating, the family activities and a very energetic little girl, I was rather pooped come Sunday November 1st. After all of our spooky fun, I was ready to get it all cleaned up and make way for the Winter season. Boy does it feel like Winter all of a sudden too! Maybe daylights savings had a little bit to do with it but you can certainly tell the seasons are changing. Mornings are very frosty in the yard and the temperature reads below zero! Its dark by 5PM as well which can really make you feel like Winter hibernation has presented itself. If I sound like I am complaining, trust me I am not! Yes, I am a wimp when it comes to cold weather, but being able to experience these seasons is one of the reasons we moved to Kamloops. I love the crispness you feel when you step outside and rethink your chosen coat. Break out those wooly mittens and scarves! I even purchased a seasonal fabric bin (with a silver deer etched onto it) to keep by the front door for all our mittens and hats. That way leaving the house unprepared for chilly weather is simply not an option.

Along with the cooler weather, it is time to start thinking about the upcoming holidays! Of course, like many other crazies out there, I am ready for Christmas all year long. Halloween and Thanksgiving are done, lets break out the tinsel. My husband however would have me committed if he saw tree trimmings in November which is why I decorate for Winter. I LOVE bringing in elements of white, silver and gold into our decor. Frosted everything. I use epson salts in candle holders to resemble fake snow (a great texture tip I learned from my merch days at Anthropologie), tiny fair lights in white wherever possible, a pine cone or too in the most unexpected places. I figure if you are going to have fun with the seasons make it subtle and unexpected – surprisingly enough it will make the biggest impact on the feel of the room that way. My next task is to work on a Winter themed chalkboard and start figuring out what I am going to do with that wonderful front porch of mine. I think a trip to the garden store is in order as soon as a certain little lady wakes up from her nap.

The season ahead holds so much joy and I am getting so excited to enjoy it with my family, and here in a new city. When you leave everything you know behind somewhere, it makes you realize how thankful you are for what you have. There is no better time of year to celebrate that.


Couldn’t resist….


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