First Snowfall Of The Year

The little lady and I made it home from Vancouver yesterday afternoon safe and sound. Just as well we left when we did as the highway got 20 centimetres of snow overnight! It’s looking pretty white up there right now, not at all ideal for driving according to this gal. We also woke up to snow sprinkled all over the yard. It is so pretty! Hallie was too little last year to know what snow is, however this time she definitely knew something was different when she looked outside. She was pointing and full of baby babble and delighted screams. Unfortunately, by midday it was already starting to melt. We are supposed to get another dump overnight so hopefully tomorrow is just as snowy. Maybe even a bit more would be nice. The slightly melted snow did not stop us from bundling up in snow pants and loading baby girl into her red wagon for a little stroll along the river. She just loves that wagon. It gives her the perfect view of everything going on around her, and makes for the perfect bed of blankets. I discovered this morning that it also has cup holders, perfect for my latte this morning (or for icy cold discreet beers in the summertime!). After a very ‘Winter’ feeling morning, I am hoping to get hubby outside this afternoon to put up some Christmas lights! We watched National Lampoons Christmas Vacation last night in hopes that our hero, Clark Griswold, would inspire us. I feel inspired, hubs not so much. He still thinks it is too early for anything Christmas related. He is sorely mistaken if he thinks we are waiting until December. The trick in my marriage is if I just start doing something that he would be better at, and if I do it bad enough, eventually he will step in to make it right. I happen to know for a fact that he is an expert at putting up Christmas lights. It’s all about strategy.

This sudden snowfall has a funny way of making you realize that there are a few necessities we require for Winter that we still do not have. I need to locate some proper footwear from Hallie so that she can play outside. Everyone in Kamloops has been recommending these boots by Stonz that slip over her cozy Padraigs. This may be the best solution for my chubby ankled angel. We also are going to need a little sled. Hallie loves being pulled around inside in the laundry hamper for fun, so I think she will LOVE a sled. I imagine all the second hand ones have been snatched up so I will more than likely have to buy new, like all the other mommies who neglected to think about this. Lastly, we are going to need to find some mittens that baby girl cannot pull off and launch across the playground. Are there ones that velcro up around her elbow? That would be perfect! Oh Winter we love you so! Can’t wait to see what our new city brings us- crossing fingers for a Winter Wonderland!




Gold Lips Mug From Lofty Living

Nate Berkus Sideplates – Last Year’s Holiday Collection (Sold Out From Target!)

Nothing like a romantic heart shaped egg to start the day off! (Find them here)


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