Gift Giving: The Perfect Hostess

If you are not already in the swing of things, for many people it is almost that time of year where holiday parties and gatherings seem to be happening all the time. Who doesn’t love a good holiday party?! A chance to dress up, eat tiny appetizers with excess amounts of cheese, drink one too many Christmas cocktails and sing along to carols on repeat. It really is the most wonderful time of the year. Over the past few years, I have developed an obsession for finding the perfect hostess gift. When I host my own parties, it is just so NICE of someone to show up with a token of gratitude in a pretty form of a candle or even a bottle of wine. Of course it is NEVER expected but when it has happened, I have been completely delighted and full of gratitude. This act encourages me to always bring a gift when attending parties. Candles are my usual go-to. This year however I could not help but notice how many wonderful, giftable items are available. You can tailor it exactly to the person who is hosting the party. If they are a book lover, a foodie, a boozie or even have a green thumb, there is something for everyone. In my opinion, the more unexpected type of gift, the better. Below I have rounded up my holiday favourites, all of which would make fantastic hostess gifts. (I have included links to all of the items incase anything sparks your online-shopper eye!)


Marqee Letter / Voluspa Holiday Gift Set / Modsprout Herb Garden In A Jar / Just Perfect Foods BBQ Sauce / Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark Chocolate / Rose Gold Corkscrew / Champaign Flutes / Oil Gift Set / Party Crate


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