Snow Day!

Last night was a pretty standard sleep with Miss Hallie – the usual one time wake up at about five am for her bottle (which I would LOVE to cancel out sometime soon..) Then at about eight she was making the usual baby babble sounds that indicate ‘mom…get the f#ck up!’. It has been SO hard to get up lately. Pure exhaustion seems to be the only thing this momma is feeling. But as I pitter pattered through my kitchen to let the dog out, and head to see little miss sunshine in her room, I noticed a fabulously bright glare pouring through the window. WHITE! EVERYWHERE! A nice big dump of snow had happened while we were sleeping and it was beyond picturesque. Completely peaceful. Needless to say a fresh blanket of snow also has a way of snapping you out of a sleepy morning haze. I wasn’t rushing out the door to play in it but I sure was awake and couldn’t wait to show Hallie and see her reaction. Little Miss loved it! Even through the kitchen window she was pointing and smiling and making all sorts of sounds of excitement. It gives me so many feelings of nostalgia. I remember being a little kid and being SO EXCITED at even the thought of snow. The chance that it could cancel school? Ecstatic to the point of shaking! It needs to be a good snow fall though. No dusting of snowflakes here and there. I am talking proper snowman making levels that require snowboots and waterproof pants. That is the sort of weather pattern that makes a snow day what it is! Plus we got to try out our new sled that we bought Hallie! She wavered between two expressions; sheer delight and total boredom. Bipolar baby me thinks….One thing is certain though – snow days really are the best!








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