DIY Spice Rack: Gifts For The Foodie In Your Life

I was determined this year, as I am most years, to make some of my gifts. I love making gifts for people. The only thin line you need to be weary of here is that you still want it to be a gift they can actually use. I am sure a lot of my crafty gifts back when I was younger came more from being thoughtful versus thinking of actual functionality. I came up with many ideas for people on my list this year, all of which are cute, easy to construct at home, and will actually go to good use for the recipient. One in particular I have decided to share today.

My Dad loves being in the kitchen. When we used to live closer to him, we would go over at least once a month for a feast of yummy appetizers and his famous home cooked rack of ribs. He even used to host a ‘rib-off’ in the summertime. Though he didn’t always win, I have forever been a fan of his bbq’d creations. I wanted to make him something that he could use not only on meat, but in all of his stovetop concoctions. I found the idea of making your own seasonings on Pinterest, and adapted it to make this little craft you see below. Quite simple and allows you to get creative in your search for different spice recipes. My husband built me the miniature crate that holds them – unfortunately until I get confident on a saw, that part will remain designated to him. Saws and power tools are my springtime goals.

In the meantime, I hope this helps you with your DIY gift ideas, perfect for any foodie lover on your list.



Empty Spice Jars – I bought mine at the dollar store. They are dollar store quality too I have discovered a little too late. Bed Bath & Beyond carry a variety too that look like they may be a bit higher quality if you want to spend the extra dollars.
A variety of spices to mix – Google homemade seasonings to decide on your recipes and go from there.
Tags & Twine – these are for labeling your spices and including food pairing recommendations.
A miniature wooden crate – any handy husband should be able to build this for you.

Combine your spices and seasonings according to the recipes. Funnel into your empty spice jars. Label your tags and attach with twine. So easy!







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