Gift giving To Little Ones

I can’t believe Christmas is next week! It always manages to sneak up on you, no matter how prepared you are or how early you start the festivities. It is often here before you know it. I have discovered something new this year when it comes to holiday shopping. Once your child is walking, they are no longer a good shopping partner. Christmas shopping is impossible. As if the malls were not overwhelming enough this time of year, throw in an energetic toddler who desperately wants out of her stroller and is vocally going to let the whole place know it, and we have one flustered and fed up momma. I have put the remaining shopping list on hold until this weekend when I can escape to shop alone and Hallie can stay home and play with daddy. It’s just better for everyone that way. With all of this talk about shopping brings me to some of my toddler favourites that I want to share with you, just in case you are still scrambling to come up with the perfect gift idea. There are so many perfect gifts for kiddies! It really is quite hard to narrow it down. Hallie is only 14 months as well so she would prefer to play with the box the gift came in rather than the gift itself. In future years we aim to limit the gift giving too. I am a big believer of the following motto: Something you want, something you need, something you wear, something you read. Plus a gift from Santa of course. So though I have many favourites, I am not splurging on everything that catches my eye! Lets have a little self-control ladies, I know it’s hard. Whether you are looking for big or small, here are some excellent choices for the little ones in your life. (Apologies if these are more girl oriented. I don’t yet have a baby boy and am obviously obsessed with things for little girls. I promise to broaden my horizon soon!)


Toy Kitchen / Land Of Nod Blocks / Play TeePee / Land Of Nod Rocking Piggy / Velvet Elephant Purse / Tartan Pinafore / Winter Parka / Confetti Tamborine

We purchased the TeePee from Bed Bath & Beyond. It is wonderful though it is not the exact one I have pictured above. There are so many out there to choose from and most I have researched look durable and a good investment. Make sure you check dimensions as they do vary.
As for the toy kitchen, I hummed on this gift idea forever and am now slightly regretting not getting it. I as going to wait for Hallie’s next birthday but I may not be able to wait that long. It is ADORABLE and we have seen a few at different playgroups that we have attended. Hallie gravitates to it instantly and will stand there frying up eggs for ages. Plus it’s white and will not look like another giant and hideous kid toy taking over my adult space. Win, win.


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