Friday Favourites

I am a week late on this post but I figure better late than never. I headed out of town last weekend for a Rodan + Fields Training Conference in Vancouver and it was a form of travel that I hadn’t pursued in many years: coach bus! Seriously, we are talking probably ten years ago when I travelled throughout Australia is the last time I was on a bus. Unless you count booze bus trips to Seattle Mariners and Seahawks games during the last few summers. Pre baby haha! Ah those boozy days…. seems like a different lifetime ago! Back to the ol’ Greyhound. It was a fairly comfortable ride so no real complaints. Being preggo I managed to snag one of the seats at the very front and no one ended up seated next to me. The four hour trip allowed for a lengthy snooze and some solid reading time. You know, the solo time that tired mommies dream of! As I packed for this excursion, I thought it would be a great idea to share some of my travel favourites, essentials for making any trip a smooth one. I have to say, when you are not travelling with a toddler, it is so much easier! Much more room to pack for yourself as well. I missed her like crazy throughout the ENTIRE weekend but this was a trip for mom. Plus there was some serious daddy-daughter bonding while I was away. I might have been a teensy bit jealous. What is in your bag when it’s time for a little getaway?


The Good Bean Chickpea Snack – The bag should come with a warning: HIGHLY ADDICTIVE! Also extremely delicious and an extremely healthy snack. Perfect for you preggos out there, might I add. I managed to squeeze an extremely large portion into a plastic travel mason jar, perfect when you need a little energy fix when on the go. I picked up mine at Costco.

Ted Baker Travel Set – Whether it is a plane, a car or a bus, if you are travelling solo it can hard on your neck. I like to snooze on my hubby’s shoulder in transit but needless to say last week he wasn’t around. This handy neck pillow keeps you from doing the head bob while you get your beauty travel sleep. Love a good eye mask too. Plus this print is gorgeous! Available at

Tieks Ballerina Slippers – If you haven’t discovered this Vancouver shoe designer, you need to check it out now! Comfort and quality, all the way. Though it is reflected in the price, I stand behind them being a solid investment. I used to keep them in my desk drawer at work when my feet were ready to quit on the chosen footwear I had been wearing. They are so comfortable. For travel, they fold up real small so that you don’t even notice them hiding in your bag. Best part? They come in every color imaginable. You might find it hard to pick just one.

Chloe Roller Ball Perfume – I am slightly obsessed with these Chloe scents. They are so fresh and subtle. This compact size makes them perfect for travel and the roller ball ability allows for quick and easy application no matter where you are.

Blanket Scarf – Every girl needs a good blanket scarf. On top of coziness and making a great fashion statement, they double up as a blanket when you need it. Mine is now sold out however Kit & Ace has so many gorgeous options here.

Transport Tote – A good bag is an absolute necessity for travel. I prefer ones with a bit of structure and to be nice and roomy inside. I don’t go for a lot of inserts or pockets. One of my favourite features is when you have a bag in a bag, usually attached and with a zipper enclosure. Perfect for putting tinier make up bags and smaller items you need. I know: a bag, within a bag, within a bag. I sound ridiculous. It makes my life easier though! The one I have listed here is PERFECT and available at Nordstrom however I recently bought one online from ZARA and it meets my needs as well. Can a girl really have too many bags anyways?

Compression Socks – Call me an old lady if you want. These are lifesavers! Great for travel because when you are sitting for too long, especially if you travel by plane and are higher altitudes, your feet can swell. These are excellent for keeping swelling at bay. I have also been told they are great for exercising and I personally know how amazing they are in the later stages of pregnancy. Even if you don’t want to wear them all day or out in public, throw them on when you are having your coffee or taking a moment for yourself. You will thank me! Dr. Segal makes it easy to love these socks with great prints. They’re adorable!

Oprah’s What I know For Sure – If anyone knows me well they know I am a HUGE FAN of Miss Oprah. She is always good when you need a pick me up. Hubby bought me this book for Christmas and though it touches on some deeper points, it is a nice, light read. Great for travelling as it can be difficult to concentrate. Loving this book and a little sad I am almost finished reading it.

BKR Water Bottle – It may not be possible with air travel due to so many security restrictions but in any other form of transportation, you can take your own source of water. I love my BKR bottle and it usually comes with me everywhere. There is something comforting about drinking out of a glass bottle. These bottles are extremely hand holding-friendly and are cute to boot with their different sleeves. I happen to have a few sleeves; between baby and hubby and few of my bottles have seen better days. Now I just have one small and one large, with a few interchanging coloured sleeves. Solid investment for a good water bottle though. Love my BKR’s!

Happy Travels Friends! Oh and Happy Friday!



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