Hello March!

Well it’s a little out of the ordinary for Kamloops lately but we have a wet and dreary day on our hands today. There was even some wet snow this morning! Come on people it’s March! Yep, March 1st. I can hardly believe it. Spring has finally arrived. Well except for the crap weather today; I feel like I am back in Vancouver, honestly.  just took a look at the weather app though and looks like the sun is back tomorrow. Just as well because we had a taste for it on the weekend and need back outside in that sunshine stat!

This week has started off busy and slow a the same time. It was month end yesterday for my side business with Rodan + Fields so I was busy trying to wrap up any sales that I could. The hard work paid off as I made my first promotion with the company and hit Executive Consultant Level for the month of February! Yay for me. Of course a new month means a new start so the hard work must continue. I have some exciting things going on for the business though this month including a girls night out and a girls night in spa-party! Should be a great turn out for both! Month end magic was all the craze last night but fizzled off quietly this morning of course. Combined with the weather, it felt like a day to stay inside, keep warm with coffee and donuts, and get in lots of snuggle time with my little girl. She has been sleeping through the night and getting up at 7am (as opposed to waking up once at night and sleeping in until 8:30) so we had a long morning of playing and watching Paw Patrol. There is something about that show that really zones this kid out. Read this article! It is bound to give you a good chuckle about those crazy pups. Not even going to pretend that I don’t sing along to the theme song. With these new-found sleeping habits of hers, she has also been NAPPING! It’s crazy. This is what all of you lucky moms brag about, a child who naps consistently at the same time every day for the same length of time, every time! I must say, it has its perks. I get a lot done in that time and sometimes, even get a bit of shut-eye myself. It is a bit strange though having to stay home all afternoon when we would usually do whatever we wanted. Both work for me though, no complaints at all here.

Since it is a relatively quiet start to the week, we are taking advantage of that. I am taking many moments to sit down with a cup of coffee, plan our month ahead activity wise, and finish up my meal planning for the month. I think a discovered a thing or two last month when I completed the ‘month of meals’ challenge. Even though I had the meals planned out and was completely stress-free when it came to dinner decisions, I still went over budget and made too many trips to the grocery store. This month I plan to avoid those mistakes and most of all, save some money! Feeling pretty positive but it is only the first of the month. I see my darling hubby has already made a large dent into the cheese allowance I bought for March! Maybe I helped…

Things are going to get busy near the end of the week too as I leave for Vancouver on Friday. Grandma is moving here and I am taking the bus down to keep her company on the drive back. I can’t believe it is already time for her to move in downstairs! Hubs has been working on the basement suite since September and it is finally almost finished. It looks amazing too! Many aspects about it are much nicer than the level we live on! I do hope she likes it. Most of all, she will love being so close to her granddaughter. Oh and grandson on the way! We are close, my mum and I, so I am hoping we have no issues in establishing our boundaries. Fingers crossed it is a smooth transition and everyone is happy with the new living arrangements. It will be pretty fun to have her here though. We already have a craft fair booked to take part in and HUGE plans for the backyard garden. So many things to look forward to – all you can do on a rainy day like today!

Looks like I am missing out on some serious stuffed animal playtime now too so I am going to say goodbye until Friday. Friday Favourites For The Boys coming then!






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