Friday Favourites: Newborn Essentials Part Two

Like I said last Friday, I was completing a part two for favourites pertaining to baby boy. As I started looking online at clothing must-haves for him, I started coveting all sorts of ‘newborn items’ and put them together to share with you here. I feel that baby boy is going to be a wise soul. Perhaps even have an appreciation for vintage. Which is slightly the direction I would like to head with his ‘nursery space’ (read: section of my room). But for now, please enjoy these favourites:


Hot Air Balloon Blanket – This blanket caught my eye instantly on Etsy and it just might be the main inspiration and direction I take for the nursery. It’s still a bit early for deciding but i LOVE it! I also like to support small business owners on Etsy.

Little Bamboo Blankets – These are from West Coast Kids and look fantastic for the warmer months we will be enduring. There is something about the fabric that looks so fresh and breathable. Perfect for swaddling too.

Land of Nod Stuffies – These wise little stuffs look perfect for my wise little man. I love the vintage feel to them and how old-fashioned they are. Everyone needs a cute piglet too.

On The Sea Activity Mat – When I first thought of having a second babe I wanted to do an Under The Sea theme for their room. Part of me still likes that idea in which case this activity mat from the Land of Nod would be great. I love the fabric used, the texture and detail, even the color.

4 Moms Rockaroo – I am proud to say that I am a proud owner of this swing! I recently scored a second-hand one in perfect condition off of Craigslist. I can’t wait to try it out on baby boy. The reviews I have heard for this brand are awesome so I don’t doubt it will be all that it promises to be. That is pure magic of course.

Elephant Tummy Time Mat – I spotted this cutie elephant mat at Toys R Us and it is a great option instead of the Of The Sea Mat. I love the cuddly elephant and there is the option to take away the toys and just have him as an elephant seat when baby is a toddler. Pretty cute if you ask me!

Rubber Bottle Holder – I LOVE this idea! Obviously not when they are first-born but great for a few months old and if they are bottle fed. Hallie was and she was stubborn, always trying to hold her own bottle. I think this would ease a lot of frustration on the baby’s part. I can also say from experience that when they can hold their own bottle, it’s awesome!

Honest Company Diapers – Just keeping in tune with the hot air balloons….. don’t you just LOVE these?! Yes please!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you enjoyed this collection of favourites. Enjoy the weekend!


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